A chain of Chicago-area hospitals has announced it will provide patients with the option to identify as “gender X” and to be addressed with the pronouns of their choice.

Northwestern Medicine’s Gender Pathways Program, which offers gender-related surgeries, made the announcement Monday.

In a press release, the hospital explained that beginning December 18, electronic medical records will accommodate the “X” option for gender as well as provide designations for sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Northwestern Medicine hospitals and outpatient centers affirm every patient’s gender identity. The new medical record designation will enhance communication with patients, align with best practices and help our staff better meet the needs of the diverse population we serve,” Sumanas Jordan, MD, PhD, director of the Gender Pathways Program, said in a statement.

The hospital also informed patients on its website that “We believe that everyone deserves high-quality health care that respects and validates their gender identity. Out of respect and to meet your needs, we may ask what pronouns you would like us to use. Only you can choose your pronouns.”

“Gender identity is vital to people’s sense of who we are, and our care providers must have that information to create a comprehensive healthcare plan,” said Cindy Barnard, the hospital’s vice president of quality. “The ‘X’ designation will give us a deeper understanding of our patients’ needs and help us communicate in the most respectful and sensitive way.”

The Blaze notes that Northwestern Medicine also offers a number of transgender surgeries for patients, including “masculinizing” and “feminizing” procedures such as “vaginoplasty,” “phalloplasty,” breast augmentation, and mastectomy.

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