Although we here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries are not in the habit of reading Cosmopolitan, the pro-life news and commentary outlet LifeNews recently drew attention to a shocking feature that graced the pages of this widely read women’s magazine.

In “The Satanic Abortion Clinic That’s Pissed Off Pretty Much Everyone…and Might Beat the Bans Anyway,” the magazine — best known for its graphic sexual content — highlighted the Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic, a “telehealth” abortion clinic operated in New Mexico by The Satanic Temple.

It is, needless to say, named after the mother of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Alito penned the decision

As Cosmo explains, The Satanic Temple wanted to “channel” the “policy fantasy” that instead of happily welcoming her future Supreme Court Justice Son as she did when he was born to her in 1950, Mrs. Alito had “been endangered by the pregnancy or if the fetus had a fatal anomaly” or “simply hadn’t been ready for a child.”

The clinic offers abortion advice over the phone and provides drugs for chemical abortion up through eleven weeks into pregnancy.

The Satanic Temple, a group which denies belief in the supernatural and exists virtually to leverage religious freedom laws against traditional Christian values. Part of these efforts in recent years has included claims that abortion is a matter of religious freedom as it is part of a sacred Satanic Temple ritual.

The ritual is described in the Cosmo article in full, which includes recitations for each stage of going through the death induced by a chemical abortion, including when the deceased unborn child is expelled from its mother’s body. It concludes with the words, “By my body, my blood; by my will, it is done.”

While TST claims to adhere to “science” and “reason,” its belief system is a carefully calculated inversion of Biblical doctrine. Rather than “Thy will be done, Lord,” it is “my will be done,” which is precisely where we are at morally as a society and exactly how the enemy convinces man to operate to his own fatal end.

As LifeNews’ Michael Cook explains, this article leaves little doubt as to the facts of the abortion agenda. Cosmo is not hiding it, The Satanic Temple isn’t hiding it.

“Abortion is literally Satanic,” he concludes.

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