A doctor in India has been arrested after authorities discovered an illegal abortion ring targeting baby girls.

Live Action reports that Dr. Chandan Ballal was arrested by Bengaluru police along with his receptionist and the director of the hospital where the abortions were committed.

The ring was discovered when two men were caught transporting pregnant women and questioned.

The pro-life organization reports that the criminals were using a sugar refinery as a cover to use an unregistered device to conduct ultrasounds on pregnant women. The abortion ring catered to pregnant couples or women who were pregnant with undesired baby girls.

The suspects have been charged under the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act and IPC Section 312 (causing miscarriage).

While sex-selective abortions are illegal in India, but sadly incredibly common in Asia.

“Families want a son at any cost. Any cost!” said one woman Live Action quoted who had been forced into a sex-selective abortion said. “If I die [today], my husband will remarry tomorrow morning, hoping the next woman will give birth to a son.”

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