Dr. Anthony Fauci, the recently retired head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases who oversaw said federal department through the COVID-19 pandemic, has claimed in an interview that he does not need God.

“First of all, I think my own personal ethics on life are, I think, enough to keep me going on the right path,” Fauci, who played a central role in the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic, told journalist Katty Kay in a recent interview.

The notorious immunologist told Kay that there were a “number of complicated reasons” he is no longer a practicing Catholic.

He continued on to explain that “there are enough negative aspects about the organizational church that you are very well aware of.”

Although Fauci said he was “not against” religion and he and his family have taken church sacraments, he feels he simply does not “need” it himself.

“As far as practicing it, it seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do,” he told Kay.

The Blaze noted that Fauci has previously said that those who criticize him are “really criticizing science, because I represent science.”

In reaction to his profession to no longer “need” religion, cultural critic James Lindsay noted on X, “He isn’t just Science. He’s Religion too.”

“He played God once. Why should he have to take a demotion?” asked writer Stephen Miller.

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