Idaho’s Republican Governor has signed a bill which requires parental consent in medical services provided to children.

SB 1329, crafted to protect the “parental rights in medical decision-making” at a time when many states grapple with child medical “transitions” and parental consent, passed the heavily Republican-majority state Senate and House along party lines earlier this year.

The newly-signed law establishes that “parents have the fundamental right and duty to make decisions concerning the furnishing of health care services to the minor child” and stipulates that “an individual shall not furnish a health care service or solicit to furnish a health care service to a minor child without obtaining the prior consent of the minor child’s parent.”

Lawmakers also included a prohibition on healthcare providers and government entities from restricting “a minor child’s parent access to health information.”

For years here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries, we have covered instances where schools, school districts, and even state law has established boundaries between parents and children when it comes to a child’s purported claims of transgender identity.

As The Christian Post notes, this bill comes at a time when the parental rights issue has taken center stage in the American political arena, and for good reason. We have campaigned to get these issues in the spotlight for some time, and they will no doubt be among the chief concerns many parents have going into the 2024 election.

Yet must not only ensure parental rights are protected when it comes to any and all medical intervention, but that this shockingly dangerous form of “healthcare” that mutilates and destroys a perfectly healthy adolescent body is soon considered to be completely illegal — and entirely unthinkable.

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