Actor Kirk Cameron is partnering with BRAVE Books to create a children’s show that will offer a refreshing break from the sea of perverse and ideologically driven media our children are exposed to these days.

The series, set to be released later this year, plans to blend the “the timeless moral teachings of ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’ with modern energy, hilarious dialogue, animated stories, and surprise guest stars” that will provide “a captivating experience for children and parents alike,” a press release announcing the project reveals.

CBN News reports that the crowdfunded venture aims to begin production on a 20-episode series in the spring at Texas Filmworks, and will star Cameron along with “Iggy,” his iguana sidekick, who will be played and voiced by legendary puppeteer John Kirk. Leigh-Allyn Baker of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie will play “Creative Leigh” and other guest stars are promised.

Cameron, who has authored a book with BRAVE Books, has made headlines for holding public library storytime events to counter the rise of “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

“It’s not just time to take back our libraries and literature. It’s time to take back every area of culture that these animals have devoured,” he recently told Fox News Digital, adding that “good families are looking for entertainment they can trust — stories that teach children biblically based moral values.”

“Christian parents today struggle to find quality content that reflects their values and captures the attention of modern-day kids,” the outspoken Christian star continued. “Our show aims to bridge that gap by providing entertainment that is both wholesome and engaging.”

Cameron added that the show’s team intends to use the same model for independent success as the smash-hit series “The Chosen,” which like the summer’s shock success film “The Sound of Freedom,” was produced using crowdfunding as per producer Angel Studios’ model to evade the need for backing from an entertainment infrastructure that contradicts Christian values.

“We’re not partnering with a big streaming studio or with Hollywood, because their money always has strings attached … We want to stay true to our core values, just like ‘The Chosen,’” he explained.

Link: Kirk Cameron and BRAVE Books Team Up for Kids’ Show With “Timeless Moral Teachings”

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