An 18-year-old sentenced for killing 12-year-old girl when he was 16 now claims to identify as a woman now that he is standing trial for the gristly crime.

The details of the case are too horrific to recount in great detail here. In short, Pennsylvania man Josh Cooper now identifies as “Ash” has been sentenced for 18- to 40 years in prison for the murder of Morgan Connors at a trailer park in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania in 2022.

Cooper, convicted for third degree murder of the girl, allegedly shared images of the victim’s bloody and deceased body to a friend on Instagram and police say he had claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Connors.

The girl died of a gunshot wound to her neck. Police found Cooper fleeing the scene when they arrived and found Morgan’s body. The teen later claimed Connors’ death had been an accident and pled guilty. However, investigators did find he’d previously been convicted of sexual assault in juvenile court.

And so, as The Blaze recently reported, it is this clearly very disturbed young man who began to “transition” to life as a transgender “woman” after being arrested for murdering a child he likely sexually abused when he was barely older than a child himself.

Friends, it is no coincidence that this young man is turning towards more perversion of God’s design after so cruelly treating one His fellow image bearers, as he has been accused.

He is likely a deeply wounded person, as some of the most wicked people often are. The world’s values today surrounding sexuality and the value of women are deeply hurtful to human beings, and have deceived the minds of many, causing them to horrifically abuse themselves — and others.

Ideas are just this dangerous. They have very real consequences, such as abuse, murder, tyranny, eugenics, genocide, and infanticide.

Let us pray constantly for the hearts and souls of our young people that the victorious truth of the Lord would reign supreme over the lies that have gripped their hearts and led them astray!

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