Transgender activist Kendall Stephens, who identifies as a woman, was arrested and charged last month for allegedly raping two children under the age of 12.

The Christian Post reports that Stephens gained national attention after he was assaulted in his home in August of 2020, an attack which was considered to be a hate crime and led to Stephens’ activist work.

He was arrested in December after the two victims, 7 and 9, gave their mother a tearful account of the abuse.

An unidentified aunt of the victims told Fox 29 that she believes Stephens was “grooming” her nephews.

“She’s a family friend who has been around since they were born,” she told the news station. “You had this aunt stature in their life and they’re thinking I don’t wanna tell an adult because I don’t want something bad to happen to Aunt Kendall.”

“I feel like she was grooming my nephews…my nephews have definitely endured a lot,” she also said. “I don’t want her stature to be able to use this reputation and think that it’s gonna be able to get her out of this situation because what she did to my nephews is unbelievable.

Police say the family first reported the abuse in September after the boys told their grandmother what had been happening.

The aunt told Fox 29, “We were able to sit them down individually is when they broke down and cried and said everything that happened.”

When the women confronted Stephens, she says, he blamed the children.

The unnamed woman says that Stephens “didn’t deny it to us, she tried to flip the story and say my nephew tried to kiss her first…he’s 9 years old. No he didn’t.”

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