A transgender darts player has won a women’s title and a mixed-gender title in the world of competitive darts, and the commentary writes itself.

As the UK’s The Express reported, Noa-Lynn van Leuven took the PDC Women’s Series in England for the Challenge Tour recently before going on to beat out men at a mixed-gender competition in Hildesheim, Germany a week later.

He collected $3,000 in prize money and moved forward to seventh in the Challenge Tour Order of Merit.

What’s more, van Leuven went on to beat out two of the best female darts players in the world in yet another competition not long afterwards.

The Express noted that while van Leuven has his supporters in the world of darts, not everyone is a fan of the idea of him competing against women.

“I have thought this is wrong since day one. I have no problems with transgenders in life,” Deta Hedman, a top name in women’s darts, also told The Telegraph. “I’m not close to Noa-Lynn in darts but in fairness seems a lovely person. For many months I’ve struggled with transgenders playing in the women’s world-ranked events.”

Virtually the entire premise of having women’s sports is so women, who have different bodies from men, can compete against one another fairly.

There are many women right now, ranging from radical feminists to conservative Christian homeschool moms, whose voices are being silenced and demonized for simply affirming that regardless of our beliefs or lifestyle, all women have the right to private, sex-exclusive spaces.

Do not let them silence you, sisters.

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