U.S. Has Issued Over $4.1 BILLION in Funds to LGBT Initiatives at Home and Abroad

An investigation has revealed that the United States has issued over $4.1 billion in funds to advance LGBT initiatives both at home and overseas.

The Epoch Times conducted the probe into a federal funding website and found that between October 2020 and September 2023, over 1,100 grants were given to LGBT projects around the world.

One $1.8 million grant helped create a “safe space for LGBTQ youth and adults” in Norkfolk, Virginia, while a $500,000 grant was applied to promote “diversity, equity, and inclusion in Serbia’s workplaces and business communities” by empowering “LGBTQI+” people.

Meanwhile, Armenian activist group Pink Human Rights Defender was granted $1 million “to empower the LGBTI community” in the small eastern European nation.

The Epoch Times conducted their search by filtering through federal grant records with keywords like “LGBT.” Payouts attached to this keyword totaled to nearly $4 billion.

Grants including the keyword “transgender” amounted to $478 million.

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