Fifth and sixth graders in Wisconsin’s Superior School District are reportedly being shown a video purporting to explain the difference between sex and gender and defines the latter as “how you feel.”

The X account EndWokeness recently shared the video, ominously declaring, “They are coming for our kids.”

“Teaching kids to reject their bodies is evil. Sowing gender confusion is evil. Making kids feel like God made a mistake when they were born is evil. It’s time to stop humoring these sickos,” commented an outraged Kyle Becker.

Parental rights activist Scarlett Johnson, who shared the video to her X account last year, highlighted the fact that the cartoon features a child who tells a doctor to “hit the breaks” after he’s just finished telling new parents that they have boy and girl twins.

“The way your body looks on the outside is only part of the story,” the little girl informs the grown-up medical professional.

“Notice how the child corrects the adults, including the doctor, and schools them on gender fluidity,” Johnson commented on her post. “Gross.”

As BizPacReview notes, the Superior School Board voted against a group of parents in 2022 who had objected to the gender identity lessons their children were being subject to.

“Sadly, this chosen curriculum is one-sided, it’s favoritist, and it does not present a balanced view on the subject matter,” professor Brett Jones told the school board at the time, speaking on behalf of the parents. “Where there is no intellectual balance, the result can be nothing other than persuasion and indoctrination.”

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