The law was inspired by a baby that was found abandoned in one state representative’s district earlier this year

Wisconsin lawmakers recently passed legislation to allow for “safe haven” baby boxes to be installed at fire stations and hospitals, as Live Action reported.

The life-saving devices serve as safe, surrender sites for newborn babies born to parents in crisis.

The law would require the baby boxes be placed in facilities that are staffed 24/7, such as fire stations and hospitals where fully-trained EMTs or medical workers are always present to attend to surrendered infant.

The climate-controlled devices are fixed to set off a silent alarm when a baby is placed inside, alerting staff.

State Representative Ellen Schutt, who co-authored Senate Bill 369, saw a need for the bill when a newborn baby was found abandoned in a field in her district over the summer.

“This bill provides distressed parents with a secure and anonymous alternative to in-person relinquishment, which will ultimately save countless newborn baby lives,” she said.

The bill now goes to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to be signed. If it is passed, it would make Wisconsin the 15th state to use safe haven baby boxes.

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