Woman Suffers Abortion After Pharmacists Give Her the Wrong Medication

A woman who longed to conceive another child was shocked to find herself miscarrying a successful pregnancy after two pharmacists mistakenly gave her abortion pills.

In 2019, Timika Thomas, who always dreamed of having a big family, was in the process of undergoing invitro fertilization treatments (IVF) as she and her husband were having trouble conceiving another child.

However, when she went to retrieve the prescription medication that was supposed to help her body support the pregnancy, she was given abortion pills by mistake.

Thomas explained to 8 News Now that the prescriptions were supposed to trick her body into thinking it was pregnant so it could carry the embryos that had been inserted into her by doctors.

As soon as she took the prescription, however, she knew something was wrong.

While she had expected cramping, she experienced discomfort that “went beyond that,” as she told the news team’s investigators.

“It was extreme. It was painful,” she explained.

When she examined the medication she’d been given, she discovered it was a drug used for abortions.

The 8 News Now crew managed to obtain documents indicating that two pharmacy technicians made a series of errors that resulted in the mistake.

“It [the error] would have been caught because then they would have had to have the medicine in their hand,” Thomas explained. “And they would have said, ‘Oh, this is Misoprostol or Cytotek, have you taken this before?’ And I would have said ‘no.’”

Sadly, this error terminated Thomas’ babies’ lives on the stop.

“They just killed my baby,” she said she thought at the time, adding, “Both my babies, because I transferred two embryos.”

The CVS has since received the maximum fine and the technicians have been fined as well as disciplined by the Nevada Board of Pharmacy.

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