Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Stories You Need to Know

New Zealand Weightlifter Could Soon Become First Transgender Athlete to Compete in Olympics

"The NZOC can confirm that revised international federation (IF) qualification systems are very likely to see a number of New Zealand weightlifters, including Commonwealth Games transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard, allocated an IF quota spot for Tokyo 2020."

Feminist Author Calls for More Op-Eds From Mothers Who Regret Having Children

“I would really love to read more essays and op/eds from women (and men, too) who regret having children as early as they did, regret having as many as they did, or regret having children at all."

Netherlands Euthanizes Record Number of People in 2020, Many With Dementia, Mental Illness

“It is a great achievement that people can die in this way at home, and certainly isn’t self-evident when you look abroad.”

David Daleiden Denounces Fetal Tissue Experimentation By University of Pittsburgh At Hearing

“And so even if it happens just once out of the 700 abortions that are harvested in one year at the University of Pittsburgh — even if it happens just one time to one family — that’s an irreparable harm that can never be taken back.”

Former CFO of Canada’s Liberal Party Reportedly In Talks to Buy PornHub

PornHub, which is currently owned by MindGeek, brings hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually by dealing in images and videos users can upload directly to the site.

Fauci, FDA Participate In Planned Parenthood-Sponsored Webinar On The “Future of Healthcare”

If Planned Parenthood could influence big names in government—such as Dr. Woodcock and Sen. Stabenow—to make the suspension of that rule permanent, it would mean drastically reduced overhead for clinics as well as the ability to reach even more patients. In short, more blood money for Planned Parenthood.