Sunday, October 1, 2023

Stories You Need to Know

The Christian Post Restored to Twitter After Refusing to Delete Tweet “Calling A Man A Man”

“Thanks to the free speech doctrine held by @elonmusk, our account has been reinstated, and we will continue speaking biblical truth, never in hate, always in love, and always to inform our readers to the best of our abilities."

Louisiana Now Requires ID to Log On to Pornography Websites

But what is being done to prevent users from uploading videos of children or adult assault victims?

Father Arrested for Taking A Stand Against “Moral Decay” at School Board Meeting is Vindicated by Judge

“Despite this victory, I have serious concerns about where we are as a country. We’ve been subverted by a darkness that is spilling out in rot at all levels and in both political parties."

Florida’s DeSantis Admin Probes “Sexually Explicit” Holiday Drag Show That Permitted Minors

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration has launched an investigation into a holiday drag show in Ft. Lauderdale that allegedly displayed sexual content to children. The show, “A Drag Queen Christmas,” was held at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and according to multiple complaints received by the administration, was...

Former President Trump Says Republicans Face “Doom” If They Refuse Exceptions to Abortion

"If you don’t have the three exceptions, you’re destined to doom.”