Monday, June 27, 2022

Stories You Need to Know

UK Teacher Banned From Profession Over Topless, Sexually Suggestive Teen Photo Shoot

Wright claimed to be the victim of a “deep injustice” in the wake of the prohibition order banning her from teaching.

WATCH: Parent of “De-Transitioned” Child Testifies Against California’s Trans Child Sanctuary Bill

"Don't make California a refuge for what will be seen as the largest medical scandal in history. Educate yourself!"

CNN Contributor Ana Navarro Points to Her Disabled Family Members to Justify Legalized Abortion

“I have a step-grandaughter, who was born with Down syndrome, and you know what, it is very difficult, in Florida, to get services. It is not as easy as it sounds on paper."

Justice Thomas Says SCOTUS Should Reconsider Laws on Gay Marriage, Contraceptives

“It does not, as the Court’s substantive due process cases suppose, ‘forbi[d] the government to infringe certain ‘fundamental’ liberty interests at all, no matter what process is provided.”

Missouri Becomes First State in the Nation to Ban Abortion After Roe v Wade Overturned

With this attorney general opinion, my Office has effectively ended abortion in Missouri, becoming the first state in the country to do so following the court's ruling."

BREAKING: Supreme Court Overrules Roe v. Wade, “No Constitutional Right to Abortion”

"It is stunning to be alive for this historic moment for which many of us have labored for decades!"