100 Evangelical Leaders Just Met With President Trump’s White House Staff


President Trump invited nearly 100 evangelical leaders to a listening session at the White House last week as his administration works to reach out to the U.S. Christian community.

A meeting with 30 evangelical pastors was highlighted in early July when a photo went viral of the group praying over President Trump in the oval office.

This larger meeting took place just weeks after, and gave other church leaders the opportunity to voice concerns they’d not previously had an opportunity to express.

Johnnie Moore is a well known and respected evangelical leader who’s attended all three of the administration’s meetings for Christian public figures.

“The White House has continued to have listening sessions with evangelical leaders and they had three more this week. Almost 100 evangelicals [participated],” Moore, who heads a public relations company that serves many notable evangelical pastors, said Friday. “Each listening session was about two hours and involved briefings from administration officials and an opportunity for folks to express their thoughts on various issues.”

Another leader, Ronnie Floyd of Cross Church in Arkansas, said the goal of the meetings “has been evidently to try and widen the circles.”

“The meetings two to three weeks ago were mostly some of the main faith leaders who had been around ever since we had been asked to serve in helping a year ago along the way especially after the president was elected to advise him on matters. That is all we have every done is that and to pray for him.”

The listening sessions have apparently consisted of updates on current events and the administration’s agenda in terms of legislative affairs.

The meetings’ primary purpose, however, is an open roundtable discussion. Through the meetings, White House officials are given the chance to hear about issues from the perspective of the leaders themselves, as opposed to what they may or may not hear from mainstream media outlets.

One of the frustrations the leaders have expressed surrounds the issue of judicial appointments. The evangelical community has been discouraged by the Trump administration’s lack of judicial appointments in the months since the President was inaugurated. White House officials explained that the reason for this is an old “blue slip” tradition in the Senate. Apparently, the tradition is that a Senator from a state in which a judicial appointee resides hands a blue slip to the Judiciary Committee’s chairman before the appointee can be sent to hearing.

“The Democrats are using the blue slips as kind of veto when it is just Senate tradition and there is no rule or anything. I would say a lot of the leaders zeroed in on judicial appointments and were surprised to hear the way in which the Democrats were being obstructionists as it relates to these judicial appointees.”

This is just one example of the ways that the conversations have been enlightening and productive.

Here’s a take from The Activist Mommy:

Let’s pray the administration is doing more than listening. With 60 million aborted babies and the judiciary consistently defying the law of the land to push smut and sodomy on our children, listening ears must be accompanied by action.

Source: Christian Post