12-Year-Old Boy Dragged From His Home in Norway When Parents Decide to Homeschool


For all those liberals who think that European countries like Norway are glorious socialist utopias where everything is free and equal, this horrific story of how a child and his parents were punished just for homeschooling is the real face of giving so much power to the state.

Europe is far from the leftist paradise American liberals imagine. Well, it is a leftist paradise, but what that means is high taxes, open borders, and constantly waning liberties.

A Canadian family living in Norway can tell you very well what this looks like. They recently had their 12-year-old son forcibly removed from their home simply for choosing to educate him in the safety and comfort of their own home.

This. Is. Totalitarianism.

The Christian Post reports on this awful story:

A Canadian Christian family is crying out for help after their 12-year-old son was forcibly removed from their home in Norway by government officers in response to their decision to homeschool him. The parents had pulled him from a public school after he was bullied.

The father, Leif Kristiansen, posted a video to Facebook last Thursday that shows police officers and officials from Norway’s child services agency, Barnevernet, chasing and tackling their son, Kai, before taking him away from their apartment in Ås.

“Can somebody please help us? … Barnevernet is stealing our child!” Terese Kristiansen, a Canadian citizen, shouts frantically in the video posted to her husband’s Facebook page.

According to Kristiansen, the action taken by the government occured after they decided to remove their son from public school due to “death threats” from classmates and other forms of bullying.

“They are punishing the family and the child for standing up to this oppressive state,” Kristiansen says in the video as her son screams for help with an officer sitting on top of him in the snow.

The video is no longer available on Facebook or in the YouTube link embedded into The Christian Post article.

There was absolutely no reason for the Norweigan authorities to do this to this boy other than the fact that he was homeschooled, which as far as we can tell is not even a crime in and of itself in Norway. Many European countries do have harsh regulations on homeschooling, however, and in Germany, it is outright illegal.

The Christian Post continues:

“As can be seen in a Facebook video of the Canadian mother, the son runs away and the two caseworkers chase him and finally they topple him. Then one of the men sits on top of him to prevent his escape,” a Step Up 4 Children’s Rights report states. “A boy who was teased and threatened at school is now being brutalized and attacked by Norway’s authorities. The parents were not allowed to leave the house and had to watch helplessly how their child was removed like a criminal.”

According to an update provided by the organization this week, a county board issued a verdict accepting the Barnevernet’s emergency placement order.

This is an absolutely horrific way to treat a child and stomp on the rights of his parents! We need to pray fervently for this family and for the organizations working to defend their rights and challenge the unjust decision made by the Norweigan authorities.

To bring attention to this terrible story, tweet the Norweigan Embassy and let them know that the world is watching them and their blatant violation of parental rights! Let’s make sure they know that they will NOT get away with this!