12-Year-Old Girl Comes Home in Tears After She’s Told She Might Be Gay or “A Boy On the Inside” in Sex Ed Class


At the heart of the passionate conversation over gender identity and sexuality in our country are children who are being permanently influenced by the very confusing and adult language the left is obsessed with pushing on our most impressionable citizens.

The children of our nation are our future, but rather than protect the virtue and innocence or youth, many sex ed programs serve as a conduit for distinctly ideological rhetoric that has nothing to do with basic human anatomy or sexual health.

This is what a single father of five in Washington State learned recently after his 12-year-old daughter came home distraught over what she had been told about her own potential sexuality or gender identity.

Jason Peterson’s daughter was in tears as she explained to her father that because she liked skateboarding and fishing, her sex ed class as suggested this might mean she’s gay or “a boy on the inside”, during a course that Peterson had assumed was nothing but the basics of sex ed.

When he agreed that she could take the class at her school in Sequim School District, he figured, according to The Blaze, that the content would consist of “pregnancies and STDs and all of those things that you want your kids to know about.”

“They told her that if she liked skateboarding and fishing and wearing athletic gear [and] playing basketball that those were boy things,” he told a local station. “And … that would mean that she was maybe a boy inside or that she was gay.”

He said that he doesn’t care if people are gay or transgender in their personal lives, but that confusing his daughter like this was completely inappropriate.

“I think people should be free to be who they are,” he said. “They’re discriminating, though, against her identity. And how much of it do you have to put up with?”

“[My daughter] was very confused by it,” he told another station. “She likes playing basketball, she likes going fishing with Dad, she likes skateboarding and she likes being a girl. And I told her those weren’t boy things — they were people things. That people liked to do those things.”

He said that as he began scrutinizing the class, he discovered that it was heavily geared towards gender identity:

“The thing is … it’s front burnered,” he explained. “Twenty out of 32 pages … are generated to gender identity. It’s heavily weighted toward that. It’s biased toward that.”

Fortunately, due to the concern shared among Peterson and other parents, they were able to pressure the local superintendent, Gary Neal, to put a hold on the class until the school district can review the appropriateness of the material.

This is exactly what every parent should be doing when put in Peterson’s position! We absolutely have the right to stand up and make our voices heard, and can make a difference in our communities.

Make sure to follow the Sex Ed Sit Out and participate in their national sit out to bring attention to the agenda-driven sex ed programs and the damage they are doing in our public schools!