15-Year-Old Going Through Drug-Induced Menopause, And Her Mother Is Thrilled


The mother of a gender-confused young woman is making waves after penning an op-ed for the Australian website Essential Kids in which she proclaims she is “proud” of her 15-year-old daughter’s medically induced menopause.

Carolyn Tate begins her piece by explaining the symptoms that led them to the realization that her “son,” a biological female, was experiencing menopause:

My 15-year-old son started feeling nauseous and “a bit off” a couple of weeks ago. He skipped dinner and headed to bed early, but the next morning he still wasn’t himself. The nausea had lifted but it was replaced with sweats and hot flashes.

It couldn’t have been something he ate because we’d all been eating the same food, and it would be bizarre if he’d caught anything because my house has been on a pretty strict lockdown for weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was when we started googling the symptoms that the penny dropped: my son was going through menopause.

Tate then goes on to explain that despite the country’s lockdown and stay-at-home orders in most places that caused them to have been home for weeks, they were still able to get out and go to the gender clinic for puberty-blocking drug treatments.

Australia has been exercising far-reaching enforcement tactics to enforce social distancing and stay-at-home requirements, so it is surprising to learn that this family still had access to this controversial “treatment” for gender dysphoria. 

Tate also explains how her daughter has known “from a young age that inside he definitely wasn’t a girl,” adding that she has been transitioning since she was 12-years-old. This mother then points out that “children younger than 16 aren’t legally able to start medically transitioning” but that somehow they are allowed to begin puberty blockers. She says her “son” plans to start taking testosterone when she turns 16.

She writes:

The drug is administered via a needle that looks big enough to sedate a horse, and it was watching my usually needle-phobic son calmly accepting his first injection a few weeks ago with barely a wince that gave me a new appreciation for how deeply he is ready for his transition to progress. 8

For the first week, he didn’t feel any different. Once we remembered to go back and read the literature, we realised that was the time his body was adjusting to the drug Lucrin, which inhibits the body’s ability to make oestrogen. 

Once that oestrogen tide goes out, that’s when a short and sharp menopause can hit. Apart from that, the only side effect is potential bone brittleness from a loss of calcium, so we’re being vigilant about ensuring he’s keeping up his vitamins. 

This is most definitely not a process worthy of celebration. This is the irreversible, biological destruction of a young woman. In her op-ed, she goes on to explain that now her daughter is “optimistic about his future” when before she was “depressed” and “disengaged.”

This is where mental health should be promoted rather than puberty blockers and other dangerous drugs with long-lasting, irreversible effects. This mother believes these drugs are the answer to her daughter’s mental health problems and she even asks how anyone can “deny” her daughter the option to change her gender.

As a parent, it’s been a massive adjustment from having a pony-loving, curly-haired daughter to the masculine young man lives in my house and towers over me. But what I know about parenting is that I’m just the custodian to these children living in my home. I’m here to love them and do what I can to help them to grow into whoever they know themselves to be.

Because what the world needs is more people who are truly comfortable being themselves – and who accept and celebrate others for doing the same.

Encouraging a child to transition to the opposite gender is not celebrating who they truly are at all, it’s quite the opposite actually.

These children and their parents need our fervent prayers that they would see the irresponsible risks being taken. It’s heartbreaking to think of the irreparable physical damage being done to children and teenagers as their severe mental health disorder is normalized rather than addressed. Our world needs the light of God’s truth, more than ever! 

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