150+ Christian Leaders Sign Statement Acknowledging God’s Intention For MAN And WOMAN To Mate

More than 150 Christian leaders recently signed a declaration called the “Nashville Statement,” affirming God’s purpose for sexuality, marriage and gender identity.


The statement is the initiative of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and features 14 brief articles.

While the statement focuses on homosexuality and transgenderism, it also covers God’s general moral will regarding human sexuality and marriage.

Article 1 declares: “We affirm that God has designed marriage to be a covenantal, sexual, procreative, life-long union of one man and one woman, as husband and wife, and is meant to signify the covenant love between Christ and His bride the Church.”

Throughout all 14 articles, the statement affirms Biblical truths and denies what it views as unbiblical beliefs and practices. But it also repeatedly refers to God’s grace available for those who sin.

You can read the statement in its entirety – and sign it yourself – here.

Not surprisingly, there has been considerable backlash from progressive Christophants as well as secular commentators.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, tweeted that the declaration “does not represent the inclusive values of the city and people of Nashville.”

Among the 150 signers are some evangelical heavy hitters including John MacArthur, J.I. Packer, R.C. Sproul, John Piper and James MacDonald.

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