200 Chinese Communist Officials Demolish Church, Beat Christians


As we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, it is vital to recall the very simple precepts on which this document was founded.

That every single human was created equally by a personal Creator God, a God who endowed them with inalienable rights.

Despite all the very godless things that have happened in our nation’s history, from slavery to eugenics to the mass-murder of the unborn, the God on which the nation was founded has never changed His tune, nor will He.

America is still the greatest nation on earth in which to be a Christian, which is one of the most important reasons we must defend our God-given religious liberty as it comes under increased attack and animosity from the secular left.

As Christians, we believe that God is our supreme authority in all things, and we live in a nation that, at its founding, affirmed this fact in our founding documents.

In countries where the state insists that they are the supreme authority, however, the existence of the faithful will always threaten the immoral status quo.

We have only to look at modern-day China to see the harsh reality of living, as a Christian, under a government with no regard for our natural rights.

The Christian Post reports:

A Christian man was arrested and at least two women were injured in China’s Henan province after 200 communist officials stormed into Sunzhuang Church, which is part of a network of government-run churches, and brought it down using cranes and heavy-duty machinery.

The officials from the Zhengzhou High-Tech District’s Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau did not show any legal documents when they demolished the church on June 12, the U.S.-based group China Aid said in a statement this week.

They threw the church’s furniture and other belongings out of the building before razing it, reported China Aid, which helps those who are persecuted by the Communist Party in China.

A Christian woman who tried to resist the officials lost consciousness after being pushed to the ground. She and another female member of the church who was beaten had to be hospitalized, the group said, and a male church attendee was taken into custody.

Sunzhuang Church joined the Three-Self Patriotic Movement in June 2012, when the communist government allowed it to build a new church building. After the building had been constructed in June 2013, the church received eviction and demolition notices from the Sunzhuang village authorities.

China Aid said the 2013 decision to demolish the church was made without the villagers’ consent and authorities were barred from carrying out the demolition at the time. Instead, vehicles owned by Henan province threw tons of dirt and rocks at the church’s doorway. Officials also cut off electricity and water to the church.

They note that earlier this month, the Italian-based magazine Bitter Winter, a publication produced by the Center for Studies on New Religion which covers human rights abuses in China, reported that Chinese authorities removed crosses from over 250 state-sanction churches in the Anhui province between January and April.

“All Christian symbols are ordered to be removed as part of the government’s crackdown campaign,” they quote a provincial employee from Ma’anshan city as saying.

China has been gaining scrutiny for its treatment of both Christians and other religious minorities as well as cracking down on pro-Democracy movements in Hong Kong.

Earlier this week, China’s treatment of the Uyghur, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz Muslims drew fresh attention when the US seized $800,000 worth of human hair shipped from China suspected to be from concentration camps where the religious minorities are kept and subject to inhuman treatment.

Pray for those around the world who are living under genuine tyranny, and pray that our country isn’t headed down the same path!

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