2021 Sees Unprecedented Number of Bills Targeting Gender in Sports, Transgender Treatments for Kids


Along with the rising tide of transgender affirmation and gender theory in America, a slew of bills has come about across the nation seeking to exclude biological males from sports intended for biological women and girls as well as to restrict the availability of “gender-affirming” medical treatments for children who may identify—or be identified by their parents—as transgender.

According to One Iowa, an LGBT advocacy group based in West Des Moines, that state, in particular, saw 15 bills “targeting” transgender people.

“In 2019, there were 35 anti-transgender bills,” said Keenan Crow, the public policy director for One Iowa, according to We Are Iowa, who labeled 2021 as “a record year for anti-transgender bills.”

“In 2020, there were 100, and this year, there were 144,” Crow added.

Most of the bills, which have been proposed or passed across over 30 states, focus on the implications of transgenderism in public schools, especially school curriculum that teaches gender theory and access to competitive sports for transgender-identifying students. Many bills seek to restrict access to medical options for “gender reassignment” such as hormone therapy or surgery. One such bill in Texas designates such therapies for children as child abuse.

For as many bills being passed or proposed to curtail the impact of increasing acceptance of transgenderism, there are also bills out there to advance and affirm transgender as a legitimate identity.

Last year, a bill in Virginia passed in the state Senate to allow transgender individuals to change their gender on their birth certificate, a move that could have tremendous implications for spaces catering specifically to women, especially shelters.

Virginia also sought to impose universal policies promoting transgender “equality” and gender theory in schools, requiring the use of preferred names and pronouns and altering student records to reflect their new identities.

The Equality Federation, another LGBT advocacy group, has developed a bill tracker for all pro-transgender legislation proposed in every state, ranging from “nonbinary gender markers on ID docs to nondiscrimination in healthcare to gender neutral bathrooms to changing language in other state laws to gender neutral.”

“Transgender rights are being recognized around the country thanks to vocal activists and strong allies,” Equality Federation states on its bill tracker site. “More than six in ten (62%) Americans say they have become more supportive toward transgender rights compared to their views five years ago according to PPRI survey from April 2019.”

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