Over $31,000 Raised for Father Who Lunged At Larry Nassar In Court


Last week, the video of an angry father who lunged at his daughters’ abuser in court went viral, and for good reason. Decent parents everywhere could relate to his righteous anger and desire for “five minutes alone in a locked room” with this monster.

Randall Margraves is the father of two girls who were victims of USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar who is currently on trial for sexually abusing over 150 women. Following his daughters’ testimony, Margraves made his request to the judge, but when she denied his requested five minutes alone with Nassar, that was when he lunged across the courtroom at the table Nassar sat at.

Perhaps this is not the way justice is done in this country, as Nassar does have the right to stand trial, but one sorely wishes that once he had been sentenced part of that punishment would involve five minutes in a locked room with each and every father whose daughter had been violated by this disgusting creep.

We covered the story, but just because this man is everyone’s new hero, let’s watch the stunning moment again:

Now, The Blaze is reporting that donations are pouring in on a GoFundMe account created by the distressed father from sympathetic supporters from all over the country:

The poignant scene led Margraves’ co-worker, Aaron Pangborn, to set up a GoFundMepage to help with possible legal costs and to help sexual assault victims. By late Saturday afternoon, 920 people had raised more than $31,000.

On the GoFundMe page, Pangborn says he set up the account “to help a brother and friend in need.”

Some parents supporting the cause commented on the accompanying video of the incident. They said they would have done the same thing if someone had sexually abused their children.

I think anyone with children would have done the same thing, but at least there is a way parents like Margraves and the victims of human garbage like Nassar can receive some love and support from their greater American community.

The GoFundMe account is no longer accepting donations, as they have already far surpassed their intended goal.

We can take comfort knowing that Nassar will one day face the ultimate Judge and an eternal sentence (unless he falls at His feet and repents of his innumerable sins) but we also can’t discount the power of coming together as a nation to condemn men such as this. As parents, we have a right to see our children’s innocence protected and criminals like Nassar brought to very severe earthly justice, so let’s pray he gets everything he deserves on this side of the Resurrection.