40K Californians Enjoy Sunny Day At The Beach In Open Defiance Of Gov. Newsom’s Stay At Home Order


Southern Californians have been exercising their rights in a way that is quite true to form.

On Friday, thousands flocked to beautiful Newport Beach in open defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s heavy-handed stay home orders.

Around 40,000 beachgoers flocked to the shore causing Gov. Newsom to announce the closure of all state beaches effective May 1, 2020, ABC 7 News reports.

Prior to the weekend, Newsom issued a warning on Twitter, saying:

“It’s going to be nice outside this weekend. You might be feeling cooped up. Ready for life to go back to ‘normal,’ But can’t stress this enough: CA can only keep flattening the curve if we stay home and practice physical distancing.”

“You have the power to literally save lives,” he asserted.

This week he issued yet another warning, urging Californians to stay home:

“Going to REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT: CA is flattening the curve because folks are staying home. Practicing physical distancing. We aren’t out of the woods yet. We must continue to take this seriously and allow our re-opening to be guided by science and public health.”

There’s no reason why people should not be allowed to go to a beach or any public park for that matter, and effectively maintain social distancing recommendations while there. If people should be anywhere during a health pandemic it’s outdoors getting fresh air and sunshine. As the seasons start to change and we get closer and closer to summer, it’s going to prove much more difficult to keep the masses locked up in their houses.

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