48 GOP Senators Vow To Appose Any Budget Bill That Would Force Taxpayers To Fund Abortion


A cadre of Republican senators are standing their ground and have pledged to oppose any spending bill that does not contain the Hyde Amendment, protecting taxpayers from funding abortions.

According to the National Review, a letter signed by 48 senators to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declared unflinching opposition to any Congressional effort to compel Americans to subsidize abortions.

The effort was led by Montana senator Steve Daines, who founded and chairs the Senate Pro-Life Caucus, and its signatories include every GOP senator aside from Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

“Abortion is not health care; rather, it is a brutal procedure that destroys the life of an innocent unborn child,” the letter declares. “The Hyde Amendment reflects a consensus that millions of pro-life Americans who are profoundly opposed to abortion should not be coerced into paying for it or incentivizing it with their taxpayer dollars.”

The letter’s signatories vowed “to vote against the advancement of any legislation that would eliminate or weaken the Hyde Amendment or any other current-law pro-life protections, or otherwise undermine existing Federal pro-life policy.”

The letter also points to a recent survey revealing that Americans, including a third of Democrats and self-identifying pro-choice people, oppose funding abortion with taxpayer dollars.

“We have a message for Democratic leader Schumer: We will vote to block any radical, pro-abortion agenda,” said Sen. Daines in a statement to the National Review. “That includes any bill that undermines the Hyde amendment and other longstanding pro-life protections.”

Because the letter received the signatures of 48 Senate Republicans, the lawmakers have the votes to filibuster any legislation that isn’t considered under reconciliation.

Until recently, politicians on both sides of the aisle supported the Hyde Amendment as a reasonable concession to pro-life Americans whose consciences prohibit them from supporting abortion. Even President Barack Obama included the provision in his proposed budgets during his presidency. In 2016, however, the ever-radicalizing Democratic Party platform demanded taxpayer funding of abortion, and almost every single candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination promised to oppose the amendment.

During his lengthy tenure in Congress and as Vice President, Joe Biden supported the amendment, calling it an important protection for pro-life Americans, even reaffirming his stance as recently as 2019. During his 2020 presidential run, however, Biden pivoted in favor of taxpayer-funded abortion.

A handful of other Senators spoke to the National Review, explaining their stance on the amendment.

“There’s nothing unifying about using taxpayer money to fund abortions,” Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) told the National Review. “Nancy Pelosi and other abortion zealots are trying to wage a culture war so they can get some of Planned Parenthood’s sweet campaign cash. That’s wrong.”

“A clear majority of Americans support the Hyde amendment,” Sasse added. “Joe Biden pretty much summed it up when he said that ‘those of us who are opposed to abortions should not be compelled to pay for them.’”

“Democrats are determined to use their razor-thin majorities in Congress to destroy pro-life protections like the Hyde Amendment,” Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton declared. “Republicans are committed to stopping their scheme so federal dollars are never used to harm unborn babies.”

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