5 Year Old Christian Girl Forced Into Muslim Foster Care In Unfathomable Conditions


We’ve all heard the horror stories about the foster care system on our shores, but it’s not a problem that’s exclusive to America only.

Problems exist in the UK as well, and this disturbing story helps place that into perspective.

A white, Christian, five-year-old girl has been forced to live with Muslim foster carers who took away her Christian cross, encouraged her to learn Arabic, and told her European women were alcoholics. The girl has been reported to be “very distressed” over the situation.

Local authority reports describe how the little girl sobbed, begged not to be returned to her niqab-wearing carer’s home, telling a social worker: ‘They don’t speak English.’ 

So how did the girl wind up in this situation?

The scandal-ridden Tower Hamlets borough council put the girl into the foster care system against the parents’ wishes, and she has now spent six months in two Muslim households.

When the child visited her mother, she told her the unconscionable things her foster parents had told her, including that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic.” The girl was also not allowed to take back her favourite meal – spaghetti carbonara – because it contained bacon.

“This is a five-year-old white girl. She was born in this country, speaks English as her first language, loves football, holds a British passport and was christened in a church,” said a friend of the family.

“She’s already suffered the huge trauma of being forcibly separated from her family. She needs surroundings in which she’ll feel secure and loved. Instead, she’s trapped in a world where everything feels foreign and unfamiliar. That’s really scary for a young child.”

It’s unclear why the child’s background wasn’t taken into consideration before she was placed with a Muslim family.

The Tower Hamlets was reportedly once controlled by Islamist-linked former mayor Lutfur Rahman – who was banned from public office for five years in April 2015 after facing allegations of rigging elections, serious corruption, and using “undue spiritual influence” over voters.”

In any event, we’ll call this out for what it is: the attempted forced indoctrination of a vulnerable member of society.


Daily Mail