500 Mom Stronger Facebook Page Deplatformed For “Hate Speech”


The far-left social media thought police have struck again.

The Facebook page for 500 Mom Strong, run by Anna Bohach, an incredible warrior in the fight against Drag Queen Story Hours and the sexual grooming of our nation’s children, was unpublished this week over alleged “hate speech.”

Because wanting to protect our kids from what amounts to the female version of “blackface” and minstrel shows constitutes “hate,” of course.

Bohach broke the news on her own Facebook timeline:

Bohach has been a frequent guest author here at Activist Mommy, bringing us up-to-date accounts of the latest assaults on our children and society by drag queens.

It was Bohach who brought us the news that a Drag Queen Story Hour event in her hometown of Spokane, Washington had been protected from protesters by snipers on the roof.

“We all need to wake up and realize that this is not just about differing opinions,” Bohach wrote back in August, rallying every friend of liberty to the cause. “This is an unholy war being waged against women, children, Christians, feminist lesbians, and anyone who is remotely conservative. It is being battled out in universities, public schools, libraries, governmental bureaucracies, corporations, social media, corporate news complex, and Hollywood. We are losing this war, big time. It is time to fight back. It is time to make a stand. It is time to take our society back.”


Bohach is one of a long line of conservative voices to be silenced by various social media and web platforms. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Etsy are all doing their part to scrub the internet of anyone who dares to question gender-bending ideology plaguing our society.

Meanwhile, as we’ve reported in the past, all manner of vile filth, such as posts applauding violence toward pro-lifers or photos simulating the murder of children, gets a free pass and is allowed to remain on these leftist-controlled platforms.

Thankfully, Bohach isn’t going away any time soon.

As she stated in her announcement, 500 Mom Strong will still maintain its Facebook group. In addition, Bohach keeps up the fight against DQSH over at her website of the same name. And, of course, we’re always happy to feature her sharp insight on these crucial issues.

Folks, if you’re a conservative on social media, don’t give up. We’ve got to get smart, not quiet. They will never silence us!!

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