60% of Self-Identified Christians Between 18-40 Think Muhammad, Buddha Also Valid Paths to Salvation

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Downstream from many of the godless ideas that inundate our world is a church culture that is ill-equipping its members to defend biblical truth.

You can’t defend what you don’t understand.

According to a recent study from Probe Ministries Religious Views & Practices Survey, a jaw-dropping 60% of self-identifying born-again Christians believe that Buddha, Muhammad, and Jesus are all valid paths to salvation, which undoubtedly represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the Gospel.

The study examined the worldview of 3,100 Americans between the ages of 18 and 55 in 2020 and looked at the results of previous studies, finding that there has been a “striking decline” in evangelistic religious beliefs and practices over the past decade, as The Christian Post reported.

It is striking indeed — the number of supposedly born-again Christians who believe that other faith traditions can also lead to salvation has increased 25% in this period.

The study saw a drop in “basic biblical worldview,” that is, a solid understanding of the attributes of God, the authority of Scripture, salvation, and Christ’s sinlessness. While 47% of self-identified born-again Christians held a basic biblical worldview in 2010, just 25% do now.

“So, the percentage of Born Again Christians with a biblical worldview (of either type) has been cut in half over the last decade,” the study stated.

“This result is a startling degradation in worldview beliefs of Born Again Christians over just 10 years.”

Kerby Anderson, Probe Ministries’ president, explained that even Christians who identify as being born again “can have a false view of Jesus Christ and embrace a pluralistic worldview.”

This certainly has very strong implications for those engaged in church ministry.

“Pastors and church leaders just can’t assume any longer that the members of their church or Christian organization have a biblical worldview,” Anderson stated.

The world has certainly changed drastically over the last ten years, and as he explained, there’s a good chance that technology has played a big role in disconnecting young Christians from solid church teachings.

“These disturbing trends are, yes, due to pastors not consistently teaching biblical theory. But they can also be attributed to young Christians who are not paying attention, who are focused — nearly exclusively, it seems — on their phones, social media and other content they deem more compelling,” he noted.

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