61-Year-Old Madonna “Getting Serious” With 25-Year-Old Boyfriend: “Love Has No Age”


For decades, Christians have been warning that the widespread acceptance of alternative sexual “lifestyles” is a very, very slippery slope towards the acceptance of pedophilia.

Sure enough, we have seen sneak in with all the other colors on the LGBT+ rainbow the proud declaration that “love knows no age” and that wide age gaps are perfectly acceptable. If it feels good, do it, right?

Now, mega-icon Madonna is doing her part to normalize this creed, and while she’s not dating a minor, thankfully, she is dating a man who was most likely still a minor when she went through menopause.

If you don’t think this is going to further glamorize the concept of love, i.e. sex, not being bound by silly things like morals or age, you’ve got another thing coming.

According to The Daily Caller, the 61-year-old is “getting serious” with her backup dancer boyfriend, 25-year-old Ahlamalik Williams.

Naturally, brainless pop culture rag TMZ celebrated the story, exclaiming that “She’s Met The Fam!!!”

Earlier this month, the couple were seen cozying up to each other on a balcony in Miami.

While we expect “news” outlets like TMZ to fawn over every move of megastars like Madonna, the relationship and its 36-year age gap has an unlikely cheerleader: the young man’s father, Drue.

Drue says he and Williams’ mother first met the senior songstress back in September. Last month, Drue says, the legendary pop singer invited them to her suite at one of her Caesar’s Palace shows where her personal chef cooked them dinner. The singer has also invited them to her shows in London and France next year, the Caller adds.

“Love has no age,” Drue shared. “My son is livin’ la Vida Loca, and I’m just happy for him.”

One can’t help but wonder if the glamour and star treatment that comes with associating with icons like Madonna may be clouding this father’s judgment. Why else would he be so chipper about his son dating a woman nearly old enough to be his grandmother??

While Williams is clearly a consenting adult, this is no less a dangerous and sickening trend. For every high-profile relationship with such a stark age gap, there are untold numbers of seemingly “normal” people who will now be emboldened to embark on their own journey of “intergenerational love.”

This, coupled with the pervasive sexual grooming of children in schools and libraries, points to dark clouds on our society’s horizon. If pop culture’s celebration of this “love story” is any indication, pedophilia will soon be next up for normalization.

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