7-Year-Old Texas Boy At Center of Court Battle Over Gender Transition Has Opted to Attend School as Male


Praise God for yet another bit of good news regarding little James Younger, the Texas 7-year-old whose father has been battling to protect him from forced “gender transitioning” and chemical castration at the hands of his mother. 

Last month, a jury decided in favor of the boy’s demonstrably unhinged mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas,  Judge Kim Cooks issued a ruling granting joint-conservatorship to both parents, saving James from his mother’s sick attempts to force him into becoming a girl. 

Judge Cooks’ ruling also gave the parents shared custody, meaning James’ father,  Mr. Jeffrey Younger was awarded more time with his children than had been allowed per a previous ruling. 

Cooks’ ruling also makes it necessary for Dr. Georgulas to get Mr. Younger’s consent on any medical decisions concerning James, preventing her from pursuing the medical “transition” she had hoped the boy would undergo. The high-profile case attracted severe public backlash and the intervention of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which may have influenced Judge Cooks’ decision. 

As his father, Jeffery Younger, maintained throughout the case James does not truly desire to be a girl and only complies with this delusion when he is with his mother. Now, Mr. Younger’s assertions have been confirmed as James has decided to attend school as a boy and go by his legal name. 

LifeSiteNews reports

According to a Facebook post from the Save James page – which is now run by friends of the family, as Mr. Younger is under a gag order – James chose to wear boy clothes to school while he was staying with his father. Mr. Younger argued in court that James does not want to be a girl, citing James’ choice to wear boy clothes and use his legal name, James, when with Mr. Younger. Mr. Younger also testified to an incident when James threw away the dresses James had at Mr. Younger’s home in the middle of the night. 

Prior to the judge’s ruling, James had always been with his mother, who calls him “Luna,” when attending school. 

Moving forward, James will be allowed to pick what name he wants to be called at school. 

Prior to Judge Cooks’ newest ruling, Dr. Georgulas had complete authority over psychological and psychiatric care for the boys. The previous ruling granting Dr. Georgulas complete psychiatric and psychological care was also made by Judge Cooks. 

In addition to granting conservatorship, Judge Cooks placed a gag order on Mr. Younger and Dr. Georgulas preventing them from speaking about the case until James and Jude turn 18. Judge Cooks also ordered that SaveJames.com, a website created by friends of Mr. Younger and at the time of the trial run by Mr. Younger, be taken down. 

Since the gag order, supporters of this important cause have created a new website to continue to spread awareness of the dangers of chemical castration by way of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Update***Jeff emailed the principal today and James and Jude's teachers had reported that there was zero stress or…

Posted by Save James on Monday, November 4, 2019

The page is focused on getting legislation written and passed that would protect children from so-called gender transitions, particularly children like James who aren’t genuinely struggling with gender confusion but rather being pushed into it by their parents. Additionally, the proposed legislation that would require that even those with genuine struggles should be required to wait until they are adults before making these kinds of life-changing decisions. 

Alan Echols, a SaveJames Facebook page admin and an early supporter of father Jeffrey Younger, told LifeSiteNews, “We determined to get louder and now have thousands who will hold those Senators and Representatives accountable during the next election. We the people are fed up with the attacks on children by the transgender agenda.” 

Amen to that! This is one of the most significant and important fights of our lifetime. If we sit back and do nothing there is no telling how many innocent children’s lives could be forever altered thanks to their parent’s “woke” attempts at being culturally relevant. James has been spared because of people like you and me being willing to stand up and say ‘no more!’ Our voices were heard and it was impactful. 

It’s time to take this fight to our state and federal representatives. Contact your state’s federal Representatives and Senators and demand legislation that would prohibit children under the age of 18 from being subject to medical transitions and doing permanent and irreversible damage to their bodies. 

We have to refuse to sit idly by and allow the progressive left and their dangerous LGBT agenda to continue taking child casualties!


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