UK: Enraged Feminists Burn Down Pro-Life Journalist’s Car


Pro-life and pro-family viewpoints and principles are growing in popularity across the very progressive European continent, and radical feminists aren’t happy about any of it. Recently, a group of said feminists let their frustrations be known as they burned a pro-life journalist’s car to the ground outside of his home in Germany, where he lives with his children.

LifeSiteNews reports:

on New Year’s Eve, the car of a Protestant pro-life journalist Gunnar Schupelius was set ablaze in Berlin by far-left extremists. Schupelius, who runs his own blog and writes for the newspaper B.Z., had been previously condemned for calling on his fellow Germans to join the March for Life, which took place last fall. This invitation enraged feminists, triggering the arson attack that resulted in Schupelius’ car being almost completely burned.

“Every year he heavily promotes the ‘March for Life’ of male and female opponents of abortion and repeatedly makes it clear what he thinks of women and their tasks and duties,” stated the feminist group claiming responsibility for the attack. “We torched his SUV today,” the group added, and provided explicit details about where the journalist lives while stating that he “lives there with his children.” 

The group claiming responsibility for the attack, Feministische Autonome Zelle, had previously attacked an evangelical church in Tübingen on December 27, and is unapologetic about its use of violence. They admitted that Schupelius also does charity work, but scorned his social contribution as one that only assists “those who subject [themselves] to the concept of hetero-normative worldviews.” Helping the poor and underprivileged, it seems, should only be the purview of abortion enthusiasts.

This kind of violent attack is truly frightening. Feminists, and others on the far-left, earnestly believe they have the right to violently attack people, and their property, with whom they disagree. When it comes to murdering babies, hell hath no fury like a group of women who want to be able to do it freely without pesky pro-lifers making them feel guilt and shame.  

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, it is guilt and shame that force radical feminists like these to commit heinous acts of violence against those who believe abortion is murder. They expose themselves through this kind of behavior and we get a glimpse at just how dark the tragedy of abortion really is. The denial of our conscience can truly drive humans to do despicable things.

While this attack is awful it should be encouraging that it is in response to the growing popularity of the pro-life movement all around Europe.

LifeSiteNews continues:

The increased backlash to pro-life and pro-family activism may be partially due to the fact that the pro-life movement is growing across Europe—Berlin’s March for Life in September of last year, the event that so outraged the feminist arsonists, attracted 8,000 marchers, their biggest ever event. Austria’s March for Life the following month, which I had the privilege of attending and speaking at, doubled in size to nearly 5,000. The Dutch March for Life has exploded to up to 15,000 in recent years, and this fall 50,000 marched for life in Slovakia, 20,000 marched in Northern Ireland, and over 1,000 marched in Switzerland. 

It’s fair to say that we can expect far-left abortion enthusiasts to become increasingly more incensed as we get closer and closer to making strides in the fight to end abortion. Pray for those of us on the front lines. Defending the unborn can be dangerous work but when abortion is finally outlawed, it will all have been worth it.

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