A Canadian Court Might Force Doctors to Hand Over Medical Records to Justify Vaccine Exemptions


An Ontario court is trying to force four doctors to hand over their patients’ private medical information to justify why they granted “inappropriate” exemptions for the novel COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier this month, LifeSite reports, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario asked the province’s Superior Court to force Dr. Mary O’Connor, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Rochangé Kilian, and Dr. Celeste Jean Thirlwell to hand over information the college had requested as part of an “investigation” into why patients had been granted medical exemptions.

The legal filings say that the investigation into O’Connor pertains to “her conduct in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and her completion of medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccinations and diagnostic testing.”

The college says that when they requested O’Connor hand over the information, that she instead demanded they “define COVID-19″ and told them “will not be able to move forward without the College’s precise definition of COVID-19.”

The legal filings also state that she told them to “advise if [the college] knows the ingredients of the gene therapy experiments, the so-called vaccinations, being administered to humanity without informed consent.”

“I don’t see the need for an investigation,” O’Connor’s attorney, who said his client plans to fight the case, said. “There is no malpractice or incompetence involved.”

Trozzi, for his part, also stated that he and his colleagues are “free to provide medical exemptions relating to COVID-19 vaccinations as he or she sees fit.”

The legal filing is set to be heard in January, and seeks to force the doctors to produce medical charts, confidential patient information, and even allow investigators entry into their professional offices so they can reproduce or remove “necessary documents,” LifeSite notes.

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