A Catholic Bishop Says Homosexuality Is “A Gift from God”

A Bishop of the Catholic Church from Brazil is calling the sin of homosexuality “a gift from God.”


According to Crux, Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos of Caicó made his remarks on July 30th.

Bishop Cruz had the audacity to say that homosexuality is actually a Gift from God, something people discover “one day,” according to Crux.

Is this the new normal for the Catholic Church? Have they strayed so far from God that men like Bishop Cruz and Pope Francis are blind to the sin of homosexuality?

These men are meant to bring the word of God to Christians yet here they are touting the liberal LGBT agenda.

Bishop Cruz’s logic is that because the World Health Organization doesn’t think being gay is a disease it must be a gift from God.

Something isn’t right here Cruz! Maybe you and Pope Francis need to spend a little more time praying and reading the Bible and a little less time promoting the gay agenda.

Crux is reporting on the comments from the Bishop:

“a gift from God. It’s given by God. But perhaps our prejudices do not get the gift of God.”

The Bishop has some twisted logic and a stretch of the imagination to justify his comments:

“If it is not a choice, if it is not a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a gift,”

The Bishop actually compared gay people to black people who were forced into slavery:

“they said we black people didn’t have a soul,” because of “prejudices.”

“Just as we were able to leap, in the wisdom of the Gospel, and overcome slavery, is it not the time for us to leap, from a perspective of faith, and overcome prejudices against our brothers who experience same-sex attraction?”

Bishop Cruz also talked about the latest excuse for the origin of homosexuality:

“When you look at homosexuality, you cannot say it’s an option,” Cruz said, adding that a choice has to be made freely, while sexual orientation is something a person discovers “one day.”

At the end of the day, yes, we need to love all of our brothers and sisters – even those who have fallen into the sin of homosexuality.

However, as one commenter on The Activist Mommy’s Facebook page put it so eloquently yesterday, we must teach people that the way forward is to confess our sins to God and sin no more.

Many progressive Christians, and Catholics like Bishop Cruz, tragically forget that part of the bargain.