Abortion Abolitionists Rally To Support Oklahoma Bill That Would Outlaw All Abortions

A rally in favor of a bill that would abolish abortion in the state of Oklahoma this week revealed that the movement to outlaw—not merely regulate—the murder of children in the womb is rising.

Over 2,000 people gathered on the steps of the State Capitol, Tuesday, to raise their voices in support of Senate Bill 13.

SB13 calls for the full criminalization of abortion in the state of Oklahoma, demanding equal justice for preborn children.

Supporters of the bill are also asserting that Oklahoma has the constitutional right to protect preborn children now, regardless of any court opinion to the contrary. They are not waiting for Roe V. Wade to be overturned.

Dusty Deevers, Pastor of Grace Community Church in Elgin, OK, a supporter of the bill, stated that, “5,000 children will die in Oklahoma this year if this bill is not passed. That is unacceptable.”

Julia Bender, vice chairwoman of the Creek County Republican Party, took the stage in support of the bill. “I am here today first out of obedience to God,” she said, “I want God’s blessing on this state, and it is not going to happen while we kill our preborn neighbors.”

“This movement cannot be stopped,” State Sen. Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow), the sponsor of the bill, told the crowd. “This generation will end abortion, period.”


The bill is currently sitting in the Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by State Sen. Greg McCortney, awaiting a hearing. His Capitol office can be reached at 405) 521-5541.

Folks, we cannot settle for anything less than an end to the murder of precious image-bearers of God in the womb. We must end abortion, we will end abortion!!

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