Abortion Activists Pose With Their Children Wearing “Thank God For Abortion” Shirts


It takes a special kind of wickedness and delusion to be a mother and adamantly support abortion.

Once you’ve been blessed with the gift of conceiving, growing, and nurturing a child and cannot deny its humanity in the womb, what kind of monster must you be to turn around and say that you, or anyone else, should have the right to have another baby poisoned in the womb or torn apart with forceps?

As stunning as it may be, there are many mothers like this, some of which are now proudly demonstrating their cognitive dissonance with blasphemous t-shirts that “thank God for abortion.” 

The vile shirts, designed and here modeled by self-proclaimed “artist” Viva Ruiz, are nothing new. Since 2015, Ruiz’ “Thank God For Abortion” (TGFA) campaign has co-opted Christian language and brought the venomous gospel of “reproductive rights” to the fringes of society with t-shirts, art exhibits, and even a “Pride” parade float titled “Joyful Noise.”

As evil, obscene, and senseless as Ruiz’ “artwork” is, the latest trend of parents posing in her shirts with their own children is beyond the pale.

“We can be heroes ✨⭐✨ Look at GOD 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚!!!!” Ruiz wrote in an Instagram post celebrating a lesbian couple and their “new little cutie” wearing her work. “These angels and a whole new crop of tiny human friends worldwide have inspired us to finally move into TGFA baby wear, an upcoming collab with our sisters at @shoutyourabortion 💚🐣🐣🐣💚 Keep it locked! More TGFA surprises coming up ….🕵🏼‍♀️🕊️”

“We have officially *made it* and are so awed at what god🕊️ can 🕊️do🕊️” Ruiz said, captioning another photo of the same baby dressed as her for Halloween. “This Divine juicy baby went as us this Halloween and that can only mean Abortion is even holier than we thought….”

Pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha shared a handful of other disgusting photos from the campaign, rightly declaring them to be the “most hideous images [she has] ever seen:”

Upon learning that the sick photos were going viral for unintended reasons, Ruiz responded with a creepy, pseudo-Christian rant on Instagram defending the fact that many post-abortive mothers do go on to keep some of their other children:

Logic eludes, again.

The majority of people who have abortions, have and or will have children.

At least 1 in 4 people have abortions. Every kind of people, including Christians, including anti abortion people. Picket one day, come in and get your abortion another. Can you imagine the shame of that? We are fighting for you too.

Hypocrites: be kind to this parent. What’s wrong with you? If you are Christian, act Christ like. Put your stones away and love this neighbor. They even actually HAD a baby. When will you be satisfied?

Ok so we know that busloads of children are carted around to picket abortion providers and on all those ridiculous marches for Lie.

Are you afraid of us doing the same thing?

You should be.  #proabortiongeneration

In closing, God bless you. We pray that your God (can’t be Jesus ??? But respect) strike you with love and compassion and redirect you to help post born children that suffer without your advocacy. You are needed! Go now. #abolishice

Amen 🙏🏼 Everybody send Bluu and babe good juicy thoughts and love.

There is so much wrong with this diatribe, it’s hard to know where to start. How about the fact that, you know, the aborted child is a child too, not just the ones a mother may decide to keep in the future?! 

To ask when pro-lifers will be “satisfied” after a mother chooses to keep some of her babies is beyond insane and demonstrates a consistent refusal to acknowledge that the unwanted child who winds up murdered in the womb is still a child. What are these people not getting??

Saints, we cannot be afraid of these people. 

If you stand on the side of righteousness, you stand firmly rooted in the truth, and have nothing to fear. 

Ruiz is right that “logic eludes,” but it eludes her arguments. The anti-birth progressive left has been allowed to spew this pseudo-Christian nonsense in part because supposedly genuine Christians shrivel when religion is invoked into the argument. 

The time for shriveling is over. These people are heretics and murderers, plain and simple. Sin must be called out as such, and lies made in the name of the Lord scathingly rebuked.

Are you willing to put aside niceness to call for an end to the slaughter of the innocent? 

That’s your call. 


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