Abortion Activists Rally Outside Amy Coney Barrett’s Home With Fake Blood, Baby Dolls

Screenshot: Twitter

Pro-abortion zealots rallied outside the home of Justice Amy Coney Barrett this weekend with fake blood-adorned clothing and baby dolls in anticipation of the judge’s vote to overturn Roe v. Wade as the high court considers a Mississippi abortion case this session.

We have previously covered the activity of the group which organized the protest, RiseUp4AbortionRights, which includes stripping down and shouting about “abortion rights” during church services and disrupting sporting events.

According to Townhall, the activists wore pants soaked in fake blood and baby dolls taped to their wrists, chanted “rise up for abortion,” and held signs that read “Abortion on demand and without apology.”

This was apparently to display that, should the high court overturn the 1973 decision which effectively legalized abortion in the United States, women would be “forced” to give birth. One imagines the baby dolls were meant to symbolize babies as a burden to their mothers.

Barrett, the first mother of school-aged children to be appointed to the Supreme Court as well as the mother of two adopted children, has been targeted by pro-abortion protesters previously as well.

Last month, activists gathered outside her home chanting, “your neighbor says post-Roe, we say hell no!…Hey-hey, ho-ho, the handmaiden has got to go!”

“Handmaiden” is a reference to the dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,” an anti-Christian distortion of Christian doctrine which depicts a theocratic society in which women are second-class citizens and forced to conceive and carry the children of married couples.

Pro-abortion activists have targeted the homes of other conservative justices as well, such as Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was the subject of an attempted assassination earlier this month when a man was arrested outside his home.

Less than 24 hours after the man tried to break in and kill Kavanaugh, protesters rallied outside the family home yet again.

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