“Abortion Is Normal” Art Exhibit Raises Money For Planned Parenthood Amid Threats To Roe V. Wade


Caution: This article contains images that may be upsetting to some people.

A sickening new exhibit called “Abortion Is Normal” is running this month in New York City, of course, hoping to fight the “fear, shame, and stigma” surrounding abortion and raise money for Planned Parenthood.

According to The Gothamist, which caricatures pro-lifers as “anti-reproductive rights activists and those attacking the right to accessible, safe and legal abortion,” the exhibit features a variety of works, including painted messages to SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, stylized photos of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an obligatory contribution from the “Thank God For Abortion” zealot, and bizarre photos of a masked, half-naked woman. Naturally.

Curated by intersectional feminists Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Pauline Jampol, the exhibition is an “urgent call-to-action” for men and women fighting for the right to murder children in order to unshackle their sex lives.

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EMERGENCY 🚨 EXHIBITION 🚨 ALERT! January 2020: ABORTION IS NORMAL NYC ‼️ ▪️ In Two Parts: Part I: Eva Presenhuber | Reception: January 9th, 6-8 P. On view thru 1/18, M-Su 11-6. ▪️ Part II: Arsenal Gallery | Reception and Artist Talk: January 21st 6-8 P. On view through 2/1, M-Su 11-6 ▪️ Abortion Is Normal is an exhibition organized by a collective of cultural practitioners  as an urgent call-to-action exhibition to raise both awareness and funding in support of accessible, safe, and legal abortion. This show comes at a time when legal abortion is under acute attack throughout the United States. ▪️ Abortion Is Normal is about access, open conversations, acknowledgment of intersectionality, inclusivity, and visibility within the context of a conversation on reproductive rights. It strives to be multi-centered in its approach; acknowledging both the nuance of who is affected by legal abortion as well as who is affected by the potentiality of relinquishing safe and legal access to care. ▪️ Participating Artists Include: Alison Janae Hamilton, Ameya Marie, Amy Khoshbin, Andrea Chung, Arleen Shechet, Barbara Kruger, Betty Tompkins, Carrol Duhnam, Catherine Opie, Cecily Brown, Chloe Wise, Christopher Myers, Christen Clifford, Cindy Sherman, Delano Dunn, Dominique Duroseau, Elektra KB, Fin Simonetti, Hank Willis Thomas, hayv kahraman, Jaishri Abichandani, Jane Kaplowitz, Jon Kessler, Jonathan Horowitz, Judith Bernstein, Judith Hudson, Katrina Majkut, Laurie Simmons, Louise Lawler, Lyle Ashton Harris, Marilyn Minter, Mika Rottenberg, Nadine Faraj, Nan Goldin, Natalie Frank, Rob Pruitt, Ryan McGinley, Sarah Sze, Shirin Neshat, Shoshanna Weinberger, Shout Your Abortion, Sue Williams, Suzy Lake, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Viva Ruiz/Thank God for Abortion, Wangechi Mutu, Xaveria Simmons, Yvette Molina, Zoe Buckman, Walter Robinson, Sojourner Truth Parsons and more. ▪️ Creative by Chantal Fischzang @chantista and Rebecca Pauline Jampol. 📸 Images: Catherine Opie, Dominique Duroseau @domduro, Judith Bernstein @judith_bernstein + Viva Ruiz @chocolatinaruiz and @thankgodforabortion

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“This show is about reproductive rights, and more expansively about our right to own our own bodies,” Wahi said in a press release. “Many of the artists have not physically gone through an abortion procedure, but have a shared understanding that safe, accessible reproductive rights are absolutely necessary.”

All proceeds from any sales of the various “works of art” will go to Downtown for Democracy, which The Gothamist says “will split funds between voter education and advocacy regarding reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood’s political action committee for its efforts in 2020 elections.”

“A big overarching message from the project and all of this work that we do is that people have to get involved in the political process,” Nanni, co-founder of Downtown for Democracy, told Gothamist. “Sometimes just voting isn’t enough.”

“The Right has been winning this battle, they have used words, language, to make abortion seem disgusting and abnormal..an aberration — they have made women who have abortions into villains, monsters…” an Instagram post from Jampol showing off the exhibit states.

“It is normal to want to end a pregnancy and to end one by various means, when you don’t want a child….women have been aborting themselves for millennia,” the post continues. “To abort a fetus was not seen as anything other than a way to control how many children a woman produced..for their health … because they couldn’t care for or feed another being, because a family was poor…when rhythm and other methods didn’t work, women had abortions. Usually unsafe.”

Did they seriously just make the argument that because primitive people have been killing their own children for thousands of years that it’s perfectly normal?? I mean, isn’t this why cultures advanced beyond, say, the “perfectly normal” practice of eating human flesh for religious ceremonies or disposing of human waste in the street or the water supply?

“if it is shocking to say it now, abortion is normal, it is because the climate in which we live has made women’s right to determine pregnancy a sin…and the doctors who help them called murderers,” the odd, disjointed diatribe continues. “because we live in a time when others stand outside clinics and jeer at women who want to end a pregnancy.”

As an aside, I’d like to say that I sincerely doubt people are “jeering” at women outside clinics and this is more than likely a deliberate misrepresentation of pro-life abortion mill ministry. That said, if anyone is “jeering,” I pray they feel convicted to speak to these mothers, workers, and doctors firmly from a heart of love and genuine care for their lives and those of the children they are killing. Only love, God’s love, will end abortion.

The rant explaining the exhibit’s name, “Abortion Is Normal,” continues, saying, “Because some believe a fetus is an intact human being, and has more right to live than a woman. If you believe that, if you believe the rights of the fetus are greater than that of a female human being, there is no way to argue.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. First off, if not an “intact human being,” what on earth do these people believe a fetus is? A clump of cells? “Pregnancy tissue”? Or is it up to each woman’s individual beliefs, such as the woman who was featured on a PBS show thanking her twin “beings” for choosing her before she aborts them?

As for the issue of whose “rights” trump whose, what a farce! No one believes that a mother’s rights are inferior to that of her child. That is a ridiculous way to frame the argument, and they know it. We believe that, just as no one has the “right” to kill the mother—though many men who don’t get their way when their girlfriend refuses to abort take this route—no one has the right to kill the baby either. Our rights end where another person’s life begins.

We love and cherish the human dignity and right to live of the mother and her baby. It’s really pretty simple.

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