Abortion Lobby Wants Google to Censor Pro-Life Clinics for “Tricking” Women Into Not Getting Abortions


The left is so adamantly in favor of abortion they actually openly lament the fact that pro-life clinics are successfully convincing women not to murder their own children.

Let that sink in.

Several pro-abortion activist groups are currently pressuring Google to stop being “complicit” in the way pro-life pregnancy centers turn up in Google search results.

Many pro-life centers, who obviously target women seeking abortion with their marketing strategy, have successfully tagged their web presence so their clinics show up when women search for local pregnancy resource centers or abortion clinics.

The idea is, and this has been greatly successful for many pro-life clinics seeking to prevent infanticide, to reach out to women who are pregnant and scared and help them through the pregnancy offering resources, support, and love, rather than the cold-blooded murder of their infant children before they even have a chance to be born.

And this has people in the business of killing babies pretty ticked off.

“Women are seeking medical information, and Google is sending them to clinics that not only don’t actually provide what they claim to — but are actively trying to trick and mislead women,” says Karin Roland, chief campaigns officer for UltraViolet, one of the far-left pro-abortion group protesting Google.

That’s right–the very same people who call abortion “women’s health” and title abortion mills deceptively across the country are upset that pro-life clinics are “tricking” women into not getting abortions.

According to Business Insider, “pro-choicers from the groups UltraViolet and Credo, both connected to Planned Parenthood, were riding bicycles behind Google’s shuttle buses on Tuesday with signs that read, “‘Searching for abortion care? Google will send you to fake, anti-abortion clinics.'”

Again, said by the people who call abortion mills “pregnancy centers”. 

The craziest thing is, that according to the Daily Wire, it is well documented that pro-life pregnancy centers have high client satisfaction rates.

“As noted by Jay Hobbs at the Washington Examiner, abortion activists have been unsuccessful in finding ‘any real-life woman claiming she’s been mistreated, tricked, or misled in any way by a pregnancy help center.’ In fact, the Christian Post says that those clinics Rolands wishes to keep from the public eye actually have a near 99% client satisfaction rate,” the Daily Wire’s Paul Bois notes.

Imagine that–these pro-abortion groups are actually upset that women are being talked out of abortion, even though women are almost always more satisfied when they’re talked out of abortion!

Bois does have a suspicion as to why these groups want Google to censor the pro-life clinics, and it, not surprisingly, has nothing to do with “women’s health.”

“Perhaps the reason that Rolands wishes to close them is not so women could be better off, but because those clinics suck the abortion mills of their revenue,” he notes.

This is a very valid theory, and most likely correct. Abortion clinics don’t care about women’s health and they certainly don’t care about the females who are being killed in the womb.

They only care about their blood money. And they can’t stand that one of the most important tools for repressing free speech in the country right now–biased Google–won’t get with the program!