Abortion Organization Shows Off “Abortion Is Magical” Votive Candles, Hit With Backlash


As the cold, hard reality of how many Americans are repelled by abortion sets in among pro-aborts, they seem more determined than ever to “destigmatize” i.e., glorify and celebrate the gruesome act. Celebrities love to brag about their abortions while “women’s health”  organizations come up with catchy, positive catch-phrases to take the edge off and make women forget that abortion is an act of violence against them and the murdering of innocent babies.

The latest celebration of abortion comes from the Texas Equal Access Fund, an organization dedicated to raising money to help pay for women to get abortions in Northern Texas. So it isn’t really a surprise that they would be using candles in vessels featuring a picture of a unicorn with the phrase, “Abortions are Magical,” as holiday party favors. Not surprising but still incredibly disturbing.

They posted pictures of the candles, which they were giving out to their volunteers at an annual holiday party, on social media and were mock-horrified at the backlash. 

Getting our holiday party favors ready! Every year we honor our volunteers and make sure they get a token of appreciation at our annual holiday party.

Posted by Texas Equal Access Fund – TEA Fund on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

“Abortions are magical for most people who have them and refuting that just increases stigma around abortion,” TEA wrote in a separate Facebook post after being met with deserving outrage. “They are health care, self-care, and community care.”

Well, there you have it. 

Christian Marie Bennett with Live Action noted

Abortion-positive language is wrongly used to normalize and “destigmatize” abortion. Misleading language that trivializes and romanticizes abortion is dangerous and woefully disconnected from reality. Statistics show the majority of women choose abortion because of financial concerns and other socio-economic reasons, revealing a lack of societal resources and support. Many see abortion as a necessary evil, not a celebratory act of empowerment.

Every woman I’ve talked to who contemplated or chose abortion dealt with hard circumstances and some level of pain related to their decision. This pouring of glitter over an act that breaks apart the bodies of babies is in poor taste. Though these gifts are for volunteers, I wonder what would happen if I took them to the women exiting the abortion facility in the inner city near me. What if I handed them out as they left their appointments or as they went in? I’ve seen the despondency when women enter that place and the sorrow after they leave. Pro-abortion pep rally language proves to be disconnected from the reality of many women.

Abortion is not some trivial decision most women who seek them make, it is a tragic choice that most women feel they are forced to make. This is in no way justification for abortion but rather it exemplifies how inappropriate the celebration of abortion truly is.

The Texas Equal Access Fund is only interested in patting themselves on the backs for what they perceive to be noble work but really what they are doing is helping to facilitate violence against women and calling it “magical.” Babies being ripped limb-from-limb in their mother’s wombs is apparently “magical.” A heinous procedure that results in the taking of  human life is “magical.” Living with lifelong regret and shame is “magical.” 

The Texas Equal Access Fund is grossly out-of-touch with the very women they purport to “help.”

Like Bennett said, “it’s a violent act that leaves one human dead and another wounded.” That is the reality of abortion that women need to know. There is nothing “magical” about this. 

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