Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline Sees Record Number Of Calls Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Although abortion clinics in most states have been allowed to remain open during the coronavirus lockdown, the month of March saw a record number of calls for abortion pill reversals. The abortion pill reversal method is a way for regretful mothers who have begun the chemical abortion process via an abortion pill to reverse course and potentially save the life of their unborn baby.  

Andrea Trudden, Director of Communications for pro-life Heartbeat International, which runs the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, told Live Action News, “We are now seeing over 80% of our callers start the reversal process.” Trudden also told Live Actions News that in the month of March the Abortion Pill Rescue Network helped 105 mothers begin the process of reversing their chemical abortions after calling the hotline.

Live Action News explains this process:

…Because chemical abortion is a two-step procedure, it may be possible to stop the death of the preborn baby and continue the pregnancy if the mother receives appropriate medical intervention. In a typical chemical abortion, a mother takes mifepristone (RU-486), which blocks the hormone progesterone. This gradually causes the baby to die through lack of oxygen and nutrients as the withdrawal of progesterone causes the lining of the uterus to break down. One to two days later, the mother then takes another pill, misoprostol, to induce contractions and bleeding to expel the baby’s body.

If a mother who changes her mind after beginning a chemical abortion receives supplemental progesterone before taking the second pill, there is a chance to save the baby’s life and continue with a normal pregnancy (note: this chance is not a guarantee). The abortion industry has attempted to discredit the abortion pill reversal process and is using the pandemic to push for expanding dangerous telemedicine abortions.

Trudden noted that many of the calls the hotline receives are “from the abortion facility parking lot or from the car on the drive home because the regret is immediate.”

She also added that “in addition to women seeking abortion pill reversal, Heartbeat International’s Option Line has seen a 30–50% increase in calls for assistance during the pandemic,” Live Action reports.  

It’s encouraging to see an increase in women who have made the decision to save the life of their unborn baby even when they might feel scared or anxious at the thought of being pregnant in these uncertain times. Abortion is never the answer and thanks to pro-life organizations like Heartbeat International, there is hope for those who realize it when they may have otherwise thought it was too late. 

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