Abortion Radicals Strip Down, Disrupt Church Services, Sporting Events, and Other Public Gatherings


A radical pro-abortion group has been disrupting church services, sporting events, and other routine business in various public places in anticipation of the upcoming Supreme Court decision which could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Members of the group, RiseUp4AbortionRights, have stripped down during a Catholic mass and a service at Joel Osteen’s church in recent weeks in some of their more shocking displays of protest.

Other protests have been staged in the middle of shopping malls or sporting events, as Live Action recently detailed at length.

RiseUp4AbortionRights initially responded to the leaked draft opinion from the high court which indicated the justices plan to vote to overturn Roe by calling their followers to a “SHUT IT DOWN!” protest to rally for abortion rights.

Not long afterwards, members of the group attempted to disrupt ordination proceedings at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. Pro-life and pro-abortion protesters countered each other outside the historic cathedral, which is in the diocese of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who recently decided to deny communion to professing Catholic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her vocal support of abortion.

A day later, the group disrupted services at Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, stripping down naked and shouting about abortion rights. In Los Angeles, members of the group also unfurled a banner at a Dodger’s game.

In the following days, members of the group appeared at department stores and malls, sporting events in Chicago, New York, and Cleveland, and in one extreme case, an activist chained herself to a fence outside the Summit of the Americas.

Live Action explained who the group is — and what they want:

Live Action News previously documented that while RiseUp4AbortionRights was launched in January 2022, its really is a rebranded version of the revolutionary pro-abortion group, Stop Patriarchy, which is led by activists Sunsara Taylor, Lori Sokol, as well as millionaire abortionist Merle Hoffman.

Taylor, who has cheered the disruptions, is a follower of modern communist “architect” Bob Avakian, who, according to Newsmax, is a veteran of the 1960’s group “Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)” and is a “lifelong Maoist.” Newsmax also claims he is “friends” with Bill Ayers, a member of the Weather Underground who signed Stop Patriarchy’s petition against Texas abortion law, HB2. Taylor, Avakian and their cult refer to Christians as “fascists” and message that “Forced Birth or Forced Motherhood” (seen recently spray painted on various pro-life centers) means “female enslavement.”

The group, whose motto is also “Abortion On Demand & Without Apology!”, is typically identified by wearing the Green Bandana of abortion rights, claiming on their website, “Green is the color worn by millions of women in Argentina, Colombia, and other countries to express their fierce determination to legalize abortion. We are inspired by their example!”

Meanwhile, as we have reported a radical pro-abortion terror group, Jane’s Revenge, has vowed “open season” on pro-life pregnancy centers after taking responsibility for multiple acts of arson against such facilities, which provide free resources, services, and classes for expecting mothers who choose to keep their babies.

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