Activist Mommy Gets CENSORED On Twitter


The concept of social media as a means of sharing information, ideas, opinions, and truth is one that should absolutely be celebrated by conservatives and Christians and utilized to the max to bring the ultimate glory to God and help others see Him more clearly.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a platform for millions — in Facebook’s case billions — of people to connect to each other and discuss the news of the day, engaging stories that are shaping our culture by sharing our unique thoughts and opinions on them, sharing our worldview by extension.

Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be anyway. However, that doesn’t always appear to be the case if your worldview isn’t that of a modern day liberal progressive. You know the type. They donate large sums to baby murderers like Planned Parenthood, hold rallies to take down statues, and constantly need safe spaces where only like-minded people who share their same perspective meet together to keep from getting stressed out by encountering opposing points of view.

Yes, over the last few years, especially after the 2016 presidential election and Trump’s inauguration, folks on the political right, including many evangelical Christians, have found their views being targeted by people at Facebook and Twitter.

Hardly a day goes by that you don’t hear of some personality or New Media outlet getting getting banned or blocked on Facebook for saying something about Islam not being peaceful or for disagreeing with same-sex marriage.

This kind of censorship has even happened to our very own Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, who happened to notice her tweets in support of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore were displaying content warnings, despite not containing violence or sexually explicit content.

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth decided to tweet out her plans to visit Alabama to speak with pro-life leaders who were throwing their support behind] Moore, asking her followers to pray for safe travels and the political battle that was raging on over this controversial issue.

The text of the tweet was posted, but some users were not able to see the picture attached to it.

Johnston’s followers were greeted with the following message when looking at the posted tweet.

Some individuals who stopped by her profile mentioned that they actually had to change the settings on their Twitter accounts in order to read the content she posted.

So, apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable for adult entertainers to post nude photos of themselves all over Twitter, but somehow it’s offensive to stand up for someone who is being railroaded by unsubstantiated accusations from decades ago? That’s absurd.

It seems Twitter had a problem with one of Elizabeth’s previous tweets exposing the hypocrisy of leftist outrage over Moore’s abuse allegations, but the total acceptance of his opponent, Doug Jones’ support of child murder.

Johnston received an email from Twitter not long after posting the image above, stating that it was sensitive and would feature a click through warning. This type of warning is supposed to be for super violent or sexually explicit content, but here it is being used to suppress a political opinion that someone at Twitter disagreed with.

Now, because of this incident, Johnston’s tweets will have these warnings on them, despite the fact they are not at all inappropriate in a manner that would warrant such action.

What’s strange is that Twitter and other social media outlets deem conservative views to be offensive, yet they seem to have no problem with people admitting, publicly, they are attracted to children.

So according to Twitter, it’s bad to post content that exposes political hypocrisy, shares a strong opinion, or in any way, shape, or form, disagrees with mainstream liberal thought, but perfectly acceptable to note that you’re a pedophile.

Seems a bit backwards in more ways than one.

While Twitter and Facebook are private companies who can create all sorts of policies concerning conduct on their websites, that doesn’t mean censorship is an acceptable thing, especially since they often state they are big fans of free speech.

You cannot be all in for free speech while being all in for political correctness. They are natural born enemies, and as such, only one may prevail in a given society. One option leads to a loss of liberty, the other to the downfall of civilization.

So, if these social media giants are going to continue claiming to be all about free speech and the sharing of information quickly across the globe, they need to be fair and equal in how they treat people from different walks of life and belief systems. If they cannot allow both liberals and conservative to openly speak their minds and share their ideas, then they ought to come out and admit they are a bias company and embrace the identity as such.

The problem is, doing this would limit their audience. Conservatives would find or create their own alternative social media platforms and many would leave Facebook behind. Facebook and Twitter are first and foremost, businesses, and their goal is to make money.

Therefore, they try to talk from both sides of their mouth, appealing to both bases in different ways, but in reality only causing division, strife, and chaos.

Please keep an eye on Elizabeth’s feed to stay up to date with her and all the happenings at Activist Mommy, and keep praying for the truth to prevail, regardless of the platform, that God would be glorified.