Activist Mommy Once Again Locked Out of Her Own Account Because Science is “Hate Speech”


The term “hate speech” is, at best, incredibly problematic.

“Hate” is impossible to quantify objectively. What many deem simply stating the facts, others deem “hateful”, even if the actual emotion of hate has nothing to do with it.

This is exactly what happened to Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, for the second time in less than two weeks when she created a post that labeled transgenderism as a “mental illness”, a fact that medical community has unanimously recognized for decades.

Here’s the offending post, which landed her back in the Facebook slammer, this time for seven days, in which time she cannot access her personal profile or the Activist Mommy page.

Even the most adamant proponents of transgenderism refer to hormone or surgical “treatment” and cite the mental well-being of people who identify as the opposite sex as reasons why said “treatment” should be allowed to continue.

If it is not an illness, why does it need a “treatment”?

Ironically, what Elizabeth’s post states is also true in the case of her suspension from Facebook. This is what bullying looks like.

The left, headed by the big tech giants who are so successful at curating speech, will do whatever it takes to snuff out opposing narratives…particularly those that speak the plain, simple truth.

No one is advocating for hatred towards any other group of people. Regardless of how you may feel about what gender dysphoria really is, it is far from hateful to simply state a fact.

But it is with the label of “hate speech” that the progressive left is waging war on the open exchange of ideas and the people they deem most dangerous to their radical agenda to fundamentally change the culture past the point of recognition as anything moral, virtuous, intelligent…and most of all, free.

The social media tech giants and the cultural Marxist philosophy they take their cues from have waged a war on truth and liberty, and it’s one we absolutely can’t afford to let them win.

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