Activist Mommy Year in Review 2019: Wow! What A Year!


As I look back over this past year, I am truly amazed at all God has accomplished through our grassroots movement of Christian parents and grandparents who care about future generations. Wow! What an incredible year!

We are willing to take the heat and fight agendas that most fear fighting. I am not afraid to be bullied if it means we can save this great Republic from a Marxist takeover. This year, my van window was broken, graphic death threats were sent to me and my children, and my husband and I were hunted at home and his workplace. This bullying was the result of our relentless fight for your children and grandchildren to remain free.

Will you remember us in your year-end giving?

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Day of Mourning – Albany, NY

After Governor Cuomo and radical feminists cheered and celebrated their disgraceful piece of infanticide legislation in Albany, NY, we headed straight into the belly of the beast and organized a powerful solemn assembly attended by nearly 4,000 weeping believers who cried out to God for forgiveness and revival. It was truly unforgettable for all who attended!


Day of Mourning – Richmond, VA

We couldn’t stop at NY! Everyone was begging us for more. So in the spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14, we humbled ourselves again and headed straight to Richmond, VA, where Gov Ralph Northam was advocating murdering babies after they were delivered. Again, we had another incredibly powerful event! The Day Of Mourning movement was birthed out of New York’s outrageous infanticide law, but it is continuing to this day as our nation wakes up over the evil of ALL abortion. Many believers have begun ministering at abortion centers as a result of the Day Of Mourning. If we continue to repent and show up at the gates of hell, abortion will one day be outlawed, just like slavery.

What People Are Saying About Day of Mourning

“As much as we wept and mourned, we left with HOPE. I am excited. I believe today was monumental and that it woke up the church.”
– Eugene, Oregon –

“I will never be able to articulate properly what happened to me that day, and even now as I write this, tears are flowing. We have to see this abominable act stopped in Jesus’ name.”
– Melody, St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada –

Successful Book Launch

We had a very successful book launch, traveling to Fox & Friends in NYC, the 700 Club at CBN studios in Virginia Beach and Glenn Beck’s radio show at The Blaze studios in Texas. My book immediately became a bestseller and sold out after the first week!

Not On My Watch is my guidebook for everyday mothers, fathers, and Christians of all types who are sick and tired of being bullied by the Left and want to learn how to stand up, fight back, and defend your faith and your rights from the social Marxist takeover.

Screening of Anti-Abortion Film “Gosnell” At the White House

I was invited to the White House for a historic viewing of the anti-abortion movie, “Gosnell.” I was so grateful to be present for this momentous occasion. Never did I dream we’d have a presidential administration that would host a screening of a pro-life film like this!

Defeating Drag Queen Story Hours

Next came the arduous and shocking task of fighting something I never dreamed I’d be typing: Drag Queen Story Hours at taxpayer funded libraries across our nation and abroad. We had tremendous success with getting several DQSH’s shut down in libraries, private businesses and even an LGBT prom cancelled as well, simply by using the voices God has given us to make respectful complaints. Thank you to all of you who wrote emails and made phone calls.

We are truly moving the needle in this culture war!


Defeating Planned Parenthood In Washington State

Pastor Ken Peters has planted a church on the frontlines of the Planned Parenthood in Spokane Washington, and he invited me to come share. Thanks to your generosity, I was able to afford to bring 9 of my 10 children with me on this life-changing trip. The experience was beyond words. This is the frontlines of the battle to end abortion, and if we keep doing this, the Lord WILL help us end the bloodshed in Jesus name!! Thank you so much for partnering with us and making this possible.


An Incredible National Honor

I was incredibly honored to be awarded the “Phyllis Schlafly Homemaker Of The Year Award” in Washington DC. Phyllis Schlafly has been dubbed “The First Lady of the Conservative Movement” and “The Most Important Woman in the Last 100 Years”. She has long been a hero of mine and has been getting me in trouble since 1994. I was torturing my Marxist university professors and fellow students with Phyllis’ brilliant outcome-based education exposes back in the mid-90’s! So this was an incredible honor for me!

So much more happened in 2019 that I don’t have space to recount here. These are only the highlights. What a productive and effective year we have had at the Activist Mommy! You have helped make this possible with your giving and prayers!

We will not let our country be stolen from us by corrupt, immoral social Marxists. We have children and grandchildren to protect. We are uniting to preserve family, faith, and freedom. I am so honored to be a very small part of it. If you’d like to help us in this fight, consider a donation to our work!

This is a reader-supported ministry and we continue to need your help and encouragement. Would you consider our diligent efforts in your end-of-the-year giving? You may donate online here or send a check to:

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Thank you all for your support and encouragement and for going on this incredible journey with me. I will continue to fight for families, faith, and freedom, while never forgetting to keep my own blessed duties as homemaker, wife, mother, and home educator my first priority.

May God bless you and yours abundantly this year! Have a very blessed and Happy New Year!

For Christ & His Children,

Elizabeth Johnston
The Activist Mommy