Activists in Georgia Successfully Shut Down Drag Queen Story Hour


Last year, the popular trend of “Drag Queen Story Hour” made it’s way to one of the most liberal pockets of the Deep South, Atlanta, Georgia.

While many in the community were enthusiastic about the event, which features local drag artists reading books about gender identity and LGBT acceptance to small children, it was not without its opponents.

Now, after a year of hard work, local pro-family activists have managed to get the event nixed, MassResistance explains on their website:

A “Drag Queen Story Hour” scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 30 in the Ponce De Leon Library in Atlanta, Georgia was abruptly cancelled after pressure from outraged MassResistance parents and activists, and also other local citizens.

The Ponce De Leon branch of the Atlanta Public Library had done a “Drag Queen Storytime” on Sept. 30 last year. A month ago, when one of our MassResistance activists asked if they were going to do it again this year on Sept. 30, a library official said said yes, they were planning to do it then. It was very upsetting. At first it seemed that stopping it would be quite a challenge.

They go on to explain that while many view such deep-red states of Georgia as bastions of conservative values, Atlanta is still one of the most liberal states in the nation, and lawmakers there consistently champion pro-LGBT values.

“Most of the Republicans are RINOs,” one of MassResistance’s local activists says. “And the churches have caved in to the LGBT agenda. One hundred pastors in the Atlanta area wrote an agreement to be more inclusive of LGBT!”

This did not phase activists from working hard to stop the Drag Queen Story Hour, however.

To start with, citizens contacted not only the Ponce De Leon library officials, but the elected Board of Commissioners which governs Fulton County. “One of the commissioners even agreed with our stance against these programs,” one activist reported. But more pressure was needed to get anyone to act. The library continued to acknowledge that another “Drag Queen Story Hour” was being planned for Sept. 30. So the calls and emails continued.

On Sept. 16, Georgia MassResistance parents passed out flyers in front of the library. It was a warm Sunday, and a lot of people came by. This clearly upset the library officials.

After continued efforts passing out flyers, making phone calls, and even receiving a few threats not to canvas the sidewalk in front of the library, they finally found out that the library had caved, and there would be no Drag Queen Story Hour.

They’re far from finished though:

Georgia MassResistance activists are not going to rest on this victory, they’ve told us. They will be out there passing out flyers, informing the public against Drag Queen Story Hour at other libraries in Atlanta.

They plan on connecting with college students and continuing their information campaign against the County Board of Commissioners to stop promoting the LGBT agenda to children.

It’s a message that politicians haven’t been hearing enough!

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