Activists Hang “God Bless Abortions” Sign on Christ of the Ozarks Statue in Arkansas


A group of “artist” activists hung a sign on a famous statue of Jesus Christ in the Ozarks last week to protest legislation in Arkansas and elsewhere which seeks to restrict and ban abortion.

Members of the group Indecline say they were snuck onto the property Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where the statue is located, by a team dressed as construction workers before sunrise on Friday.

The activists decided to pull off this stunt as “a direct response to the dramatic attempts being made in Arkansas and throughout the South, to ban abortion services to women in need.”

Wherever one chooses to hang such an offensive message, that they did it on the private property of an entity that has virtually nothing to do with state legislature is all the more despicable.

The sensationalistic move was nonetheless hailed by pro-abortion advocates who saw their bragging on social media.

KNWA reported that Indecline is the same group that vandalized an anti-abortion billboard in Mississippi earlier this year and famously installed statues depicting a nude then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in several U.S. cities during the 2016 election.

“We think Jesus would understand the concept of a difficult decision,” the vandals wrote in a social media post. “He supposedly had to make a few of them and understood sacrifice very intimately. The Christ of the Ozarks is visible from miles away, so we just treated it like a billboard.”

The outlet also notes that the Christ of the Ozarks, which resembles the famous Christ the Redeemer monument which overlooks Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is one of just five giant Christ statues worldwide and two in North America.

Guests to the Great Passion Play grounds pay admission to visit the statue as well as other attractions feature such as a lengthy tour of various Bible scenes, the renowned Passion play, and a portion of the Berlin Wall which is on display near the famed Christ statue.

“Lord help them,” the monument’s curator, Randall Christy, said of the incident. “Maybe He’ll somehow touch them and make them realize how bad that message really is.”

Amen. For that, indeed, we pray.

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