Activists Resist Opening of First Robot Brothel in the US: “Women Will Not Be Seen as Equals”


We’ve covered the rise of the sex robots in the past, as brothels pop up throughout Europe and vital concerns about the legality of child sex robots–a concept sick enough to make any decent person wretch–is being considered in American and British governments.

And last year, there was the British man who boasted on television that the sex robot he designs hangs out with his children and reads them stories–when she’s switched to “family mode”, of course.

Now, a Toronto-based sex robot company is set to open their first US-based brothel in Texas, but not without resistance from activist groups who fear sex robots only serve to normalize sex trafficking.

The Blaze reports:

“We were absolutely horrified,” Micah Gamboa of Elijah’s Rising told KTRK.

Yuval Gavriel, the owner of KinkySdolls, told the Washington Examiner that there’s a big market for sex robots.

“The States is a bigger market, and a healthier market and God bless Trump,” Gavriel told the Examiner.

Gavriel opened his first shop in Canada last year and hopes to open 10 U.S. locations by 2020.

Elijah’s Rising believes the robot brothel will set back any progress being made against sex trafficking, Gamboa told KTRK.

“Our biggest concern is that this sex brothel with robots is gonna train men to become rapists,” Gamboa told KTRK. “What’s next? Is it child robots? Where’s the line? Where is the boundary?”

Elijah’s Rising said it disagrees with the people who believe sex robots could help stop men from purchasing sex from prostitutes.

“It will create an expansion of the already dehumanized act of sex buying. Sex robots will not decrease sex trafficking in Houston, it will only train more men to become sex buyers,” according to a news release on its website.

The group also says robot sex brothels will not reduce violence against women.

“[T]he notion of sex robots reducing prostitution is as ridiculous as saying the advent of blow up dolls could deter rape. As long as we further reduce the female body as an object for masturbation free from the ‘inconvenience’ of consent, women will not be seen as equals,” the release continued.

The organization believes religious groups need to actively fight against the sex robot industry.

“The rise in pornography use among Christians is staggering, and it leads to the hidden issue of abuse within our congregations. If we stand idly by as Houston is named the first in the nation to receive one of these robot brothels, what will we tolerate next? The issues in the realm of hypersexual culture are not so far removed from what God is calling us to stand for,” the organization said.

We encourage you to sign this online petition Elijah’s Rising has started to prevent the brothel from opening.