Actor Proudly Defends His Decision To Dress His 4yo Son Up Like A Girl

Actor Brian Austin Green has stepped out in defence of his decision to dress up his 4-year-old son like a girl.


According to The Blaze, Green – who is married to actress Megan Fox – has been dressing his son up in “non-gender conforming” attire since at least 2016.

“My son, you know, he’s 4,” Green stated during an interview with TMZ on Thursday. “And I’ve heard from some people that they don’t agree… with him wearing dresses. To them I say, ‘I don’t care.'”

“I feel like, you know, at 4, at 5, that’s a time when he should be having fun. He’s not harming anyone, wearing a dress. So if he wants to wear a dress, awesome, good on him, you know?”

Yes, “at 4, at 5,” kids should be having fun – not falling victim to whatever liberal poop their parents want to throw at them.

The irony here, of course, is that liberals will claim parents raising their children the Christian way are abusing them because kids aren’t old enough to choose for themselves.

Yet those same liberals will turn around and say children understand all this unnatural gender non-conforming garbage.

See Green’s defence below.

According to The Blaze, criticism of Green and Fox began in July, when the latter posted a picture of Noah looking more like a Norah.

“Confusing her kid,” commented one Instagram user. “So sad.”

Another stated that Fox “definitely is determining that they be girly with those dresses and haircuts, kids don’t decide they want long hair.”

A third slammed Fox’s post as indicative of a trend of “parents not only approving but encouraging and nearly forcing their kids to grow up to be gay or lesbians.”

That certainly seems to be the case in Hollywood, where the likes of Will Smith give their sons permission to prance around in women’s clothing.

There’s also a whole list of Hollywoodites who are perfectly okay with transgenderism among their children.

Of course, liberals will tell you that these celebrities are just accepting of their kids’ real identities… again, while criticizing those who raise their children to respect and fear God.

The Blaze