Actress Credits Terminated Pregnancy In Teens For “Beautiful” Home, Children, and Hybrid Car


For many women, abortion regret is very real. Women are pushed and coerced into having their unborn children murdered, and their God-given conscience eats away at them for the rest of their lives or until they seek refuge in His grace.

Then, there are people like Busy Philipps.

You know the type, those who “shout” their abortions, present the horrific practice as a good and healthy thing, or, in Philipps’ case, attribute all the good things they have in life now to having an abortion sometime in their past.

On Thursday, the actress and former talk show host tossed plenty of red meat to her fellow pro-aborts in a furious speech at a pro-abortion rally outside the Supreme Court.

Philipps, who says she had an abortion at just 15 years old, said that doing so eventually allowed her to have such nice things as her “two healthy children,” a hybrid car, and a “beautiful f***ing home.”

“There I was, sitting in Los Angeles, in my beautiful office of my own late-night talk show,” Philipps said in the middle of her diatribe, according to Grabien.

“Soon I would be driving my hybrid car to my beautiful f***ing home to kiss my two beautiful and healthy children and my husband who had taken the year off to parent so I could focus on my career,” she continued.

“And I have all of this, all of it!” she shouted, “Because, because, because, I was allowed bodily autonomy at 15!”

“I will not be shamed into being quiet,” Philipps continued. “We will not be shamed into being quiet. Never again!”

Apparently having blown a fuse in her brain, Philipps concluded her rant with a declaration that she will “never stop talking about my abortion, or my periods, or my experiences in childbirth, my episiotomies, my yeast infections, or my ovulation that lines up with the moon!”


According to The Daily Wire, Philipps and others spoke at the rally while the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for June Medical Services v. Russo, in which abortionists are fighting a Louisiana law requiring them to maintain admitting privileges at local hospitals to smooth the transition to emergency care for a mother in the event of a botched abortion—requirements virtually every other type of clinic facility in the state is held to.

Philipps is far from the first celebrity to “shout” her abortion. As we’ve reported in the past, annoyingly vocal leftist Alyssa Milano has also credited two abortions procured in the ’90s with the success she now has today, as well as Michelle Williams who praised her own decision to abort in her recent Golden Globes acceptance speech.

What a sickening message these dubious role models are offering to girls and women everywhere! They would have them believe that they can’t be successful or have good things in life unless they are prepared to sacrifice their unborn children. This is the exact opposite of feminism, isn’t it?!

One thing I do know is that Philipps may not be the type of post-abortive mother who runs to the arms of Jesus wracked with grief over what they’ve done. Instead, pray that the Lord would work in her heart the way He did with Saul on the road to Damascus, knocking her off her high horse—or her hybrid car—and convicting her of the innocent blood on her hands.

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