“Ad Hackers” Vandalize London Subway With Posters Calling For Prostitution Decriminalization


Few things signify the decay and degeneration of modern society than its embrace of prostitution as a legitimate occupation.

Across the world, we’re seeing increased efforts to make the legalization of prostitution a reality. In London, an ad-hacking campaign has subjected underground travelers to graphic images calling for the decriminalization of so-called “sex work.”

“Why is using sex to sell OK and selling sex isn’t?” reads one poster, shared on Twitter by Molly Smith, author of “Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights.”

Another set of signs, attributed to the English Collective of Prostitutes, read, “Most sex workers are mothers supporting families. Outlaw poverty not prostitutes,” and “Two thirds of sex workers have suffered violence. Decriminalise sex work. Safety first.”

Both sets of posters bear the #decrimnow hashtag.

In an editorial for i news, English Collective of Prostitutes activist Frankie Miren states that that “although buying and selling sex is legal in England and Wales, most activities associated with the transaction are criminalised.”

“Working together indoors is illegal, as is soliciting,” Miren continues. “Sex workers say being forced to work alone, in isolated areas, makes them more vulnerable to abuse.”

Perhaps the logical solution to the dangers of “sex work” should be to find legitimate work rather than make “sex work” legitimate.

As we’ve previously reported, the movement to decriminalize prostitution in America has been slowly gaining momentum.

In New York, pro-prostitution advocacy group Decrim NY, who co-authored a stalled bill to decriminalize in the last legislative session, pontificated to state Assemblymembers that “sex worker rights are human rights”:


S6419, DecrimNY’s pet legislation, hasn’t moved out of committee since January of this year. While anything is possible in the increasingly dystopian leftist cesspit of New York, it seems its legislators aren’t quite “woke” enough to go along with the legalization of prostitution in the state.

Folks, keep an eye out for similar legislation where you live. Be in frequent contact with your elected representatives and let them know you do not support the aggressive erosion of basic human decency that follows prostitution decriminalization.

We have been blessed with a representative government, but we cannot simply linger on the sidelines while all manner of bills and measures are passed. It’s exactly that complacency that has gotten us to this point!

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