Adult Website Offers Free X-Rated Live-Streaming to Quarantined Cruise Ship Passengers


Apparently, when people’s vacations have been ruined and they are stranded on a cruise ship due to being quarantined thanks to the potentially deadly coronavirus outbreak, the first thing on their mind is accessing pornography. That’s what one Miami-based porn site seems to think, at any rate.

The generous and thoughtful executives at the adult website CamSoda have offered free webcam sessions to passengers stuck aboard Princess Cruises’ two quarantined ships. These are the same people who offered complimentary webcams to the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers as an apparent congratulatory gesture for making it to the Super Bowl, according to Fox Business.

The offer was extended to the 7,300 passengers stuck on the Diamond Princess and World Dream cruise ships docked in Japan and outside of Hong Kong, via a press release from the porn company’s executives.

“They are not only dealing with the fear of infection, which is terrifying, but boredom,” said Daryn Parker, CamSoda’s vice president, in the release. “We like cruises just as much as the next guy, but without activities or human interaction, the boredom must be crippling.”

“In an effort to keep their minds off of the coronavirus and to help with the boredom, we’re offering passengers and crews the ability to have fun in a safe and controlled environment with camming,” he continued.

According to Fox Business, CamSoda is requiring the quarantined passengers and crew members to send them a copy of their travel documents via email and CamSoda will give them 1,000 free tokens in exchange. The tokens can then be used to pay for live streams with porn workers, which is simply a digital form of prostitution. 

Fox Business also reported that they contacted Princess Cruises to inquire about whether or not passengers or crew members are even able to access adult websites with the company’s on-ship internet network. Princess Cruises did not respond to Fox in time for publication but their parent company, Carnival Corporation & PLC, does not allow access to several adult websites on its Carnival Cruise Line.

These restrictions would not be applied to passengers with access to their own internet services via mobile devices.

What a shallow and desperate gesture. Even in the face of trying times these people are concerned about access to smut and filth that exploits women and children. It’s the only thing that will save these unfortunate passengers from facing the chilling reality of their horrific situation, apparently.

Fortunately, the 35 quarantined passengers on the World Dream who showed symptoms of the deadly coronavirus tested negative after four days of quarantine and have since been disembarked.

The same cannot be said about the Diamond Princess where there are now 135 confirmed cases. It surely is a sad testament of the times when this is the kind of offer being made to sick passengers who have been quarantined amid a very serious world health emergency.

It’s hard to even imagine how hardened the hearts of the executives at CamSoda are to see this as an opportunity to promote pornography as some kind of coping mechanism.

We can only hope that Carnival corporate releases a statement denouncing this inappropriate offer for its passengers and employees, especially during such a tumultuous time. Shame on the executives at CamSoda for attempting to exploit vulnerable people with this gesture.

This goes to show the depths of depravity viewing pornography will take you to. The executives at this adult website are steeped so deeply in sexual perverseness and sin they have lost the ability to even recognize that offering free porn to people quarantined on a cruise ship is highly inappropriate and wrong. They have become completely hardened to the destructiveness, degradation, and immorality of the industry in which they work as a direct result of being constantly exposed to it.

Pray for their souls. The only thing that will bring them out of this darkness is the life-saving light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, keep the passengers in prayer as they battle the dangerous and life-threatening coronavirus. The last thing they need right now is to indulge in brazen sexual sin.

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